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    Hi, I just got my UPS National health plan information in the mail a few days ago. I've been looking it over, and it looks amazing and I had hoped for, but I see no information if there are any premiums we have to pay. I know the "basic" plan is completely covered, but I saw where they mention there are also different "levels" of the plans as well. I'm in network with Aetna, so there isn't any other cost from me besides copays that I saw in the booklets. Do we have to pay premiums?
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    That's an Asinine question!

    Please state what state you work in and your position (Union or Non-Union).
    That way someone may be able to correctly answer your questions.
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    If you are in the union you pay nothing. Dammmmmmmm I love being a Teamster.
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    Lots of guys with kids took the new plan offered, but I kept the old one to see how it shakes out. I have no kids, so the immunizations and stuff were not important to me. And you can always change but not go back
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    Oh, my apologies!

    I work in the Louisville, Kentucky LCH. Union of course. Also, being so young I don't plan on having kids anytime soon, so the dependent thing, I can do without for a long while! :p.