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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by pretender, Aug 16, 2003.

  1. pretender

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    Is it just me, or does anyone else think that the company is over-doing it a little bit with the new logo? In addition to the tractor fairings (very nice), they are putting it on both doors (overkill). Even the yard shifters have the logo on their doors. I came to work yesterday, and there was a HUGE one plastered on the side of one of my CPU trailers! I can remember the other extreme when UPS wanted no advertising at all. As a matter of fact, years ago, I recall drivers suggesting that the logo be placed on the tractor fairings; but the idea was dismissed...
  2. proups

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    Personally, I like the new logo. I saw a tractor this week on the road that had the new logos and it looked great. I also like the look of the package cars. I think it is a much sleeker design.
  3. pretender

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    I like the new logo also--I just think that they are going a little crazy with it. I don't think it looks good slapped on the side of a grey trailer. If they want to do that, I think it might look better if they painted the trailer doors brown, and put one large one there...
  4. antimatter

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    The new logo is okay by me, but it DOES look hideous on the gray trailers.

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    I like the new logo, I just wish we could lose the color brown.
    Think of a customer seeing a UPS pkg car next to a Fedex pkg car. Your first impression is Fedex is faster. That brown truck just looks s l o w ...

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  6. pretender

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    Does anyone have anything close to the color brown in their personal wardrobes?
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    <font color="0000ff">That's a big </font><font color="ff0000"><u>**NEGATIVE**</u></font> <font color="0000ff">on the brown in the wardrobe. </font>
  9. proups

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    No brown in the the wardrobe except for my "browns."
  10. over9five

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    UPS drivers do not wear brown on weekends! (Some contract issue I believe.)
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    OK. Question for those out west. Someone on my route was in Arizona a few weeks ago and said he saw some white UPS trucks out there. He asked 'em what was up and they said they were white here because of the heat. I've never seen even a picture of one that wasn't brown. Any truth here?
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    My fiancee as a surprise bought me a brown sofa, I have been trying to kill it as quickly as possible, no brown clothes here either.
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    I have not seen or heard of White package cars on the road as delivery vehicles. We do have some old cars (600's) painted white that the shop uses for road calls, though.

  14. therodog

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    UPS paints package cars white before they send them to the crusher, so nobody sees ups in a "negative" way. As far as the color brown goes, i guess brown is the color of royalty, or VIP , or something like that, Jim Casy said something about it.
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    It was probably a sleeper tractor, they are an off white color.
  17. dammor

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    It's a fact that they paint the trucks headed for the trash or where ever with a white substance before the take them away. I'm not sure it is paint, I think it is more of a whitewash. They put it on with a brush like the trucks are washed with. When I got my sprinter I saw them take the old P-5 away and it was a bit painful to see. How silly is that?
  18. exups

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    no white ones in AZ
  19. rushfan

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    Personally, I think the parcel should have stayed above the shield on the new logo.

    Speaking of brown, I drove a brown car to work for several years-complements of a dead relative.

    After washing the cotton ups socks enough times, they change to purple. Is it still legal to wear them, or shall I buy some RIT die and die them brown again.
  20. pgraening

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    I think the new logo is OK, but the history behind the old logo is so great that it's shameful of UPS to just discard it without giving credit to its creator, Paul Rand. Not only did he design the UPS logo, but logos for IBM, NeXT Computer, ABC, Yale, and Westinghouse. He was also a great designer in general. It's too bad his work, while it has lasted so long, is slowly being replaced.