UPS loses Costco account


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Good I’m getting tired of their heavy grocery boxes. 40-60lbs worth of crap in a flimsy box. I have about a dozen customers that get regular Costco shipments, every week four to five 50lbs boxes per house. Load up the hand truck and lug those SOB’s up the 5 million steps to their front door.

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LOL the guy two bays down from me had an entire sprinter filled with tires meet him at Costco today first stop (he had more in the brown)


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Nope. Still delivering 50 pounds of goods in a box that can only handle maybe 25 pounds. FML
First thing that came to my head was "good riddance if it's true". Second thing that came to my mind was "less business is bad for UPS even if the boxes suck". That's really the more reasonable way to think about it at the end of the day.


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Costco boxes around here are almost impossible to break down unless you find the secret flap that is tucked into an out of the way place. Where are you finding flimsy ones?