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    I don’t know how anyone else here feels, but doing Mad Libs has been a favorite pastime of mine for quite a long time. If you don’t know what Mad Libs are they are stories with missing words that you make up to create a funny or silly story. So I got to thinking why there wasn’t one for UPSers. I searched high and low for weeks only to come up empty. So I decided to write a letter to the publishers of Mad Libs and politely ask them if they would be so kind to publish a Mad Libs edition just for UPSers. I sent my letter off to the publisher’s of Mad Lib’s, Penguin Group Inc. earlier this month and I just received my response. I must say I found their answer less than helpful. See for yourself:


    So as you can see it looks as if any chance of there ever being a Mad Libs edition for UPSers looks very grim. Even though my heart was broken I just couldn’t let it end here. I made my own Mad Libs UPS edition that you can play along with at home or just read my answers. I apologize about some of the doodling and drawings on my papers. It really wasn’t my intention to post any of this, but I figured there might be someone else out there that enjoys Mad Libs as much as I do.



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    I have been wondering what you have been up to, now I know. You are still adding to the "world famous DL art gallery". Still up to your mischievousness, I see. This thread is...........different?:thumbup1:
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    Diad....why not use your creativity for something like this...............

    UPS seeks 'out-of-the-box' small businesses
    Monday August 27, 6:07 pm ET

    United Parcel Service is looking for innovative small businesses.
    Businesses with revenue between $250,000 and $10 million in the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, Philippines and Singapore are invited to take part in the package delivery company's UPS Best "Out-of-the-Box" Contest. Participants must submit a 500-word essay explaining why they're original and how they've been successful. Entry deadline in Sept. 1.
    The top prize is $25,000 plus an IBM small business package and inclusion in a UPS publicity campaign. For more:
    Published August 27, 2007 by The Business Journal
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    Diadlover that is hilarous, i have read this twice and i cant stop laughing. Maybe you can write eskew a similiar letter in magenta crayon to!
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    I am :censored2:ing giggling under my :censored2:ing breath and :censored2:ing crying all at the same :censored2:ing time. that's some :censored2:ing funny **** there
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    Oh my god this is absolutley amazing you are god.
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    Thanks diadlover - Now I can face the moring with a smirk, I mean smile, on my face! Thank goodness for your sense of humor!
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    OMG...I can't believe they wrote you back. Thanks for my laugh for the day...very funny and creative. If Jessica Biel knew who you were I'm sure she'd marry you.
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    You need to have a few children to fill your spare time. We need more abnormal children!
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    diadlover you are a riot!
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    That's hilarious. Maybe I could come up with a hubrat-oriented version....
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    Wow, diadlover that was so awesome man!!! I don't know how you do it! You're my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Laughing so hard I`m going to call in sick!!!!:rockon:
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    "I totally forgot to post this under my other account"

    You can't. Cheryl canceled it after you and some other poster caused an international incident!
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    LOL - I think we should leave this right here so everyone can see how much you do love your diad!
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    I also can't believe they wrote you back. You must be really, really, really bored. But, it was very funny.
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    Diad...... You are a friggin nut job!!!!! GOOD JOB!!!!
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    diad ~ I just wanted to tell you that your thread had me laughing all day at work. What will be next from you? A version of UPS Twister?
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    As I read through this I keep hearing the tune from the twilight zone in the back of my head. Creative humor Diad. Very ,f.... creative.