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    "Vecchio is awaiting arraignment on the weapons charge, authorities said."

    Did I miss something in the article? Is it against the law to have guns in New York? Or is it simply against the law to have this many guns?:confused2:

    BTW - I am in no way condoning what he did to the girlfriend!
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    I don't believe he had a permit for the guns. If he had one the would have never got the search warrant.
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    So... You have to have a special permit in NY to own guns? And you think maybe she told the police that he had them?
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    Foster ave upsers dream came true I see.
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    Typical NY Post garbage journalism. Its like the National Enquirer, only printed every day. In this case, none of the siezed guns were so-called "assault weapons" and none of them had anything to do with the allegations of domestic violence. I would say that 80% of the houses I deliver to have gun collections that are a lot better than what I am seeing in the photo; 3 cheap .22 pistols and a mediocre assortment of older hunting rifles and shotguns doesnt even begin to qualify as "news" in my neck of the woods. Nothing to see here folks, move along.
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    For a UPSer, Management or Teamster, that is a really embarassing weapon collection.
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    Pitiful collection is more like it.
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    Courts ordering people to surrender their guns in lieu of a domestic violence charge is pretty standard, not only in New York.
    If they're bringing him up on actual weapon charges my bet is it has something to do with the 3 handguns. New York is pretty anal about handguns.
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    Non-typical gun nut.
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    He is probably looking at 3 1/2 to 5 years for the hand guns. He was one of my on car sups and I remember him being a big gun nut. Always looking online at different guns. There's nothing like a women scorn. She probably ratted him out on the guns.

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    This guy had a hell of a collection............if it was 1913

    If you can read through the BS, a UPS manager hitting a woman is wrong not his BB gun collection
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    The media was trying to make it like the story was about guns which were completely unrelated. I guess they expected him to go postal with old bolt action rifles. :knockedout:
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    And the reporter got details wrong (no surprise). A sears "Jed" Williams shotgun? I have one but mine is 12 gauge instead of 20 and mine says its a "Ted" Williams.
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    You have to understand, the far left libs that make up the press, have never even held a gun. In their minds, guns are evil.
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    The fact that he owned these guns, but apparently used a KNIFE to harm his girlfriend tells us how stupid gun control laws really are.
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    Similar to Charles Whitman.
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    It's supposed to be any man hitting a woman.
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    Could you hear the morning conference call?:

    District Mgr: "Vecchio! What is your major malfuncton num nuts? Whitman killed 17 & wounded 32 with a brain tumor & being hopped up on dexedrine but you couldn't even handle your old lady! No wonder your drivers can't make their numbers. The standard is 17 Vecchio! 17! Not zero! I should put you on the street you worthless piece of chit! Get ready for Special Assignment Vecchio, it's coming for you mayne! Mark my words!"