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    Question about UPS My Choice.

    I was going to use it to change the delivery address and they wanted $42.xx + $5.00 to change the address WTF! for a 3lb package. I did not of care if it went ground but they never said what the price was for online when I was going to change it. My guess is for retail next day air price.

    The package was originally shipped next day air from Louisville, KY, and the package was going to the bottom of Alabama.

    I wanted to change the destination to Huntsville, Al (top of Alabama) before the shipment was even picked up by UPS.

    It even passed through Huntsville, Al and they wanted $42.xx + $5.00 to change the address?

    I could understand if it was going out of the way or if it is close to the original destination already but it was before it was even in their hands and it even stopped in the city where I wanted it to be at anyways.

    Do they always rip off their customers like this or If I would of called do you think the outcome would be any different?

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    Why didn't you cancel the the pickup / and label before the package was picked up and than create a new one to the correct address. I have customers that ship stuff do that all the time.

  3. scratch

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    If UPS hadn't picked up the package yet, then why didn't you ask the shipper to change the address?
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    Looks like...smells like..must be a troll!
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    A troll because I am a newbie asking a question and because I have been registered since 2007.
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    Whoa, you mean UPS actually told you the price for a service beforehand and you disagree with paying it because you feel it is too high, the audacity of this company. I mean you haven't paid a dime and they obviously ripped you off by showing you the price, I can see why you're :censored2:. How can they get away with charging this much unless of course other people pay it, ripping them off like people who buy stuff online for more money vs going to the store. I can't believe a company like this doesn't price a service so even a 5yr old with 2 bucks can afford shipping a pony through freight. Unbelievable.
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    WOW what crawled up your brown eye in the cafe today?

    The point is there should not of been another charge except the $5.00 for not being a UPS My Choice Premium member.

    I haven't paid a dime? I paid for the shipping when I bought the item.

    If you would of read my complete post you should of understood.

    1st step I bought item
    2nd step I paid for next day air when purchasing item.
    3rd step I wanted to change destination 330 miles shorter than original destination and they wanted me to pay another $42.xx + $5.00
    And yes it was the same path as original destination was, and it was not out of the way, same sorting centers etc. It even stopped at the center I was going to pick it up at anyways.

    I could understand if the original destination was mobile, Al and then I wanted to change it to Seattle WA of course there will be another shipping charge.

    This makes sense to you having UPS double charge me for shipping when it was 330 miles shorter and same path and direction?

  9. Jackburton

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    You paid for a service to a destination. You wanted to change the destination. The price to change the destination was given to you. You refused to pay the additional amount. UPS supplied a service that you agreed to pay for and offered an additional service as to which you refused to pay for. Where in that were you ripped off?
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    hell yes they should charge you extra!..should they just land the plane to drop off your package? then take off again? just because you changed your mind??..Come on dude!...really?? really??
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    What service were they going to give me? They wanted me to pay almost $50.00 AND It stopped at the center I was going to pick it up at anyways.

    So for $50.00 they would of HELD the package at the center.
    And your telling me they are not greedy.

    I'll give you my email addy and you can PayPal me $50.00 if it would not bother you giving someone $50.00 for nothing.
  12. michaelrj9

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    READ THE POST PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    READ THE POST!!!!!!!!!
  13. User Name

    User Name Only 230 Today?? lol

    I think that the 40 is for the whole year and the 5 bucks is for the change. If you are not signed up for the premium service then that is why it is 40 bucks. My choice has several options and my guess is you have the basic now and wanted the premium package.
  14. bleedinbrown58

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    maybe next time, figure out what part of the state you'd like your package to go to before you ship it. It's call UPS my choice...not UPS my own private jet.
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    Do you all realize how silly you all look responding to this troll?
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    Use fedex next time..and leave us alone.! honestly this job is hard enough when we are at work. We dont need cornholes crying that they are out of tampons on our off time...go away troll! dont let the door hit you.. here is a neg rep 4u...bye bye
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    I think I understand..... The $42 is the yearly sign up fee to become a ups my choice member. The $5 is what they charge those members for a address correction. You use to be able to do a address correction without becoming a member and it was somewhere between $7 and $10 might be more it's been a few years. Now how do you go about doing that without signing up for ups my choice I could not tell you but I can tell you do not waste your time calling the 1-800 number. If you do decide to sign up for ups my choice you will only pay $5 everytime from now until this time next year for every address you want to change. Not $42+$5
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    Sounds like you're not happy about the price of a service. In this country we don't force you to pay for things like this. You see, much like the title of the service, it's My Choice. I wouldn't pay it either, but because I don't agree with the price doesn't mean it's a ripoff. Cheap Chinese crap is made for 3.00 and sold here for 50.00, does that mean its a ripoff also? Apparently they get enough people to pay to make it profitable. Being :censored2: off at a price of service that you never paid for doesn't make you look intelligent, especially when you don't even know all the factors involved in redirecting your package.
  19. michaelrj9

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    No, not that I am aware of.
    If I'd pay the $40.00 for the year they would still charge the new delivery cost minus the $5.00

    If I am wrong let me know but that's what I get out of it.
  20. Jackburton

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    I'm on lunch making OT, I'm not busy.