UPS, nah they never do that, would they?

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    UPS, nah they never do that, would they?

    A couple of weeks ago, a driver was attempting to walk around a grate to get into his car. They are grates really, but I call them trays. Their use is for stacking out purposes, such as RDL, RDR and RDCs labeled packages. Well, he walked onto this grate, it wasn’t secure and it rolled away from him. He did a split from the level of the box line and the grate. Then “ pop, pop” double hernia.

    Now it is a sad story, indeed. But was about to come is even worse. The management plots to and does fix every grate in the building. So when the driver claims the injury, these guys rush out and claim that they were secure and the driver faked the injury, and /or knew it was unsecured and hurt himself on purpose.

    Sure you kids have heard or seen this story before. The attempt to lie and cheat people, or paint them as liars. The only attempt to avoid paying workers comp. And we all know there’s a better chance at catching a Bigfoot and selling to national geographic then getting workmen comp out of these people.

    But my favorite saying is from another driver being told this story. As it was finished being said he says old loud “ nah, they would never do that “ *sarcastically*. I love the humor at UPS.
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    OMG here we go again doesn't this same story show up on here at least once a week! Tell your friend(or not) get an attorney now, document everything(I mean everything). Then prepare to sit back and wait for the workers comp system to take it's slow train to Clarksville. Comp cases take month's to work there way through the system so be prepared to WAIT. Good luck to your friend but he better call a lawyer asap.
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    It seems to me that if you immediately tell them you will be consulting your attorney, they will capitulate. There is no way in the world they won't be paying this guy comp. It would be foolish for them to fight it, they'd LOSE.
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    wonder what the cost comparison is to fighting a case like this is compared to letting it take its normal course?
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    YA RLY!?!
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    I know its bs.

    I know as well I see related subjects on this thread all the time!

    I just like to add an instance where they lied again to try and save their own asses. UPS, a word to the wise, this place we work at isnt that safe. Since you started adding safety lines to the program, thousands more claim they are injured. Your attempt to add something to try and underline those things are pointless and fruitless, because people will be hurt or killed at these jobs nonetheless.

    Sure, theres the weak ones, such as dust in the eye, a slight rash and / or others. It seems to come along daily, which is BS, not an injury as much as its fate or destiny. Then the cases where muscle tisses is destroyed or bone and flesh is ripped off. Geez UPS, you sure draw a thin line sometimes...