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    Hope everyone has had a good day.
    But to the topic at hand, this tuesday is my first day at UPS and i guess i will under go training for the preload position. $9.75 an hour seemed great for a 19 year old starting college this coming august. And plus i get paid every week i heard? I have read so much about UPS and it has been negative. Now i am here to hear from those who actually work for this company. What can i expect with the preload position? I am working from 4am-9am. What should i actually work since im going to be attending school full time? Any advice on how to survive this job. Any help would be great. Thank You!:happy2:
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    umm your hrs are gonna flex slightly going into peak season, you do get paid every week......

    give it an honest shot, ups is a culture shock for most, just some of the things that UPS does is backwards thinking for most...youll be sore for awhile youll have bruises you never knew you could get but its a great place to work
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    Morning shift jobs include, but are not limited to, Unloader, spa-er, sorter, working the slides, bulkman, and package car loader. Then there're supervisor/management positions. Unloader, unload trailers of course. Spa-er, scan and label each unloaded package. Sorter, sort packages being unloaded to correct slide. When working the slide, follow the new label and put into correct box. Example, TpGre would be top green. Bulkman, scan and put new label on large/heavy/irregular packages then load them onto the "bulk train". The train then delivers to certain areas between package cars, or near the slide to be loaded into the boxline. Package car loader, usually loads 2-3 "cars" at a time, pulling packages from their box on the boxline and putting them on the correct shelf in the correct order. That's all I know and it may not be 100 percent correct.

    The morning shift seems like the best one to go with your full time schooling, assuming you dont have classes before 9. It's just like waking up really early, then the rest of the day is normal, unlike working midnight. Going to bed at 5 am sucks.
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    if you are going to school try not to become a loader, they leave later than they unload/sort. It is a bit of a shock, but worth it. I learned alot there in my 5 years.
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    If you're immune to headaches and migraines then you'll be set :P I worked in preload for a couple of years, work wasn't bad, always kept you moving (I had to load 4-5 trucks and the unit I was put had about 1300 pieces a day). BUT I could not for the life of me adjust to the 4am to 9am shift without getting headaches throughout the rest of the day, it was like I was depriving myself of sleep and it wasn't healthy as I could barely sleep in the late morning. I ended with $11 an hour within 2 years but then lost a dollar when I moved into night load (11pm to 4pm). I could become a sorter to get that extra buck but I just can't stand for 4 hours, I need to move around lol.

    Preload > Night Load
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    Don't let the first week get to you and once you get the hang of everything that goes on the job becomes a piece of cake. Like when the boxes break and contents spill all over the floor...that kinda cake lol.

    It isn't that bad, so try to enjoy it. I work the night shift loading so I don't really know what goes on during the Pre-Load except the loading of the Brown Trucks.
  7. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    Think of it as going to the gym & getting paid for it! That's what all my Sups say!

    A really dirty, loud gym with smelly bathrooms that you can get fired from, if a mis-loaded 90lb box doesn't fall on you & kill you first.
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    I too am a student although only part time but I am a mother to 5 full time. I can say I've been working the pre-load for the past three weeks. I will say being a spa-er is the best position for not using as much physical labor to tire you sooner, however I love unloading as well. I will say that you should drink BOOST HIGH PROTIEN if you start getting the migranes. My doctor suggested it and it gives you a little more energy and curbs the hunger early in the morning. I wish you the best of luck. You won't get paid much more than $130-150 a week though.
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    I love your screen name. Either you drive a 67 Cougar or you are one and date younger guys. Do tell:happy2:
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    Actually I am married to an older man 16 years my senior. LOL....I do want a 67 cougar badly though. We used to have a 67 Ford Fairlane 500!! I'm just a chick that loves old cars!!!:happy-very:
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    and old men! :greedy:
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    ECS clerk is easier, you get to work at your pace not the belts pace. It's a rough job but someone’s gotta do it! (I do both, go go seniority)
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    A very ugly description....completely accurate...but ugly.. :wink2:
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    I think you would have a higher chance of getting kicked out of a real Gym before getting fired from UPS
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    shouldn't that be "Go Go Gadget Seniority!"


    sorry, 1AM, a little punchy... think I will sign off now...