UPS not honoring the contract!

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    This is going to cost my buddies their job and mine. Why is UPS aloud to not follow the contract and allow these feeder drivers to follow their work? Cut fuel and mileage cost? it is going to cost the company a lot more in higher wages than fuel cost. These drivers will be doing the work I do for 13 more bucks or so!
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    But you still have a job right?

    All the people affected will be offered package-delivery jobs
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    Can't speak for other areas but here when work is moved, the bid drivers are allowed to follow their work, per the contract.
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    What contract?
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    If your making 13 dollars less an hour then the feeder drivers you have mentioned, then I ask what position do you hold and which union are you in? Feeder runs do not bid the way package routes do, if the run changes centers it may in fact be put under another locals juristiction. If it can go to panel it will, if not the union realizes theres no argument.
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    Management not honoring the contract??? No!!!! Say it aint so!!! Well, at least they care about our personal safety.