UPS on the Evening News



Recently NBC Evening News was at a UPS facility doing some filming and the rumor mill has it that a short segment will run tonight 5/26 on the NBC Evening News. The NBC filming is fact but the the airplay on the Evening News tonight is rumor. Just thought I'd throw it out in case the rumor is true and anyone wants to watch for it.

I'll be working so that rules that out. LOL!
3 Day weekend coming up.


Hey maybe they are going to use the footage to make up a story-"Alleged prisoner abuse hits US shores".


UPS driver charged with stealing as much as $1 million in merchandise
Driver allegedly sold items on eBay
May 28, 2005 (GURNEE) Gurnee police say a UPS driver was allegedly delivering merchandise to his own house and even selling it on e-Bay instead of delivering it where it was supposed to go.

Gurnee police say they found as much as $1 million worth of computers, jewelry, DVDs and other merchandise at Patrick Kovarsky's home in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Police say the 33-year-old Kovarsky may have been making off with parcels bound for Gurnee Mills for two years. They say he'd sell on e-Bay some items that matched those missing from shipments to stores at Gurnee Mills.

Police say Kovarsky has denied any involvement in the thefts.

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