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Do any of your UPS offices organise Picnic or parties for their staff anually? Our Office used too until 2 years ago. We had quartely Picnics and an annual party during X'mas. now they tell us its getting too expensive and have stopped everything. Damn!!


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Haven't had a company -organised event in years. One of our last ones, a driver had an accident and DUI leaving a pizza/beer party. Was still in uniform. Not good.


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We always had a family summer picnic and Xmas party and I know for a fact that our Dist. Mgr. paid for most of it out of his own pocket......he was a big believer in the morale boost it provided.
I worked at UPS for many years and only saw a handful of picnics. I can understand UPS's viewpoint on this as some employees have trouble showing up for work on time, much less a picnic. And yeah, some people tend to get a little out of hand. But picnics should still happen. It is a good reward and morale booster for the ones that do attend. The company I work for now has a Halloween party and Christmas party every year and they are quite nice (formal, catered, hotel ballroom, etc)

On the other hand, I've heard that UPS management throws some pretty wild parties for themselves and also enjoy the benefits of corporate advertising (club seats at hockey, football, basketball, racing, etc).


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We've had several but I've never been to one in my 20 years. Nothing personal against any of my hourly co-workers, but I'm at UPS enough. Plus there's always one manager or supe that I loathe and I'm not about to get all chummy with them because I've got a plate of BBQ in front of me.

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darn I miss those weekend long softball outings. Use to have them out by the Worc. building before moving them to the southshore.


we had two last year at our building. The first was Red Sox Opening Day we had a cookout and a dunk tank and everything. Even most management went in the tank for us to have a shot at them haha (I was hourly then still so I did not, but would have as it was warm out). It was nice to see our management staff outside the pressure cooker. It helps to see how people are when there aren't parcels involved (management and hourly alike).

The other was the anniversary cookout. Again big thing was being to interact with everyone on the same level. I wish we would do it more. We were going to have a big breakfast for not having an injury for the quarter, but on the last day someone hurt themself so that kind of sucked for everyone. However I think we'll have one on the 4th this year from what I hear. Not positive though.

Baba: people at my building still talk of those, wish they were still around here. Do they still have them down on the south shore?


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We had a few get togethers but they were always organized by hourlies.(bring your own beer and potluck at the city park thing). Other than safe driving parties I can't think of any company sponcered function. Safe driving parties went from order anything off the menu and drinks all night to your choice of chicken or fish and 2 free drink tickets to no safe driving parties at all. The closest you could say we came to a Christmas party was that we always met after work at the local saloon on the last friday of peak every year. Pretty sad:dissapointed:


We have them here at my primary employer, and there are +s and -s. I go and rub elbows with the people and then I leave when things get..........I think it can improve morale if it is done right. We all have to pay our share. When I worked for Leaseway Transportation, we had a Clam bake every year and thing were good. There too we all paid our way, one person took the reins to get the thing rolling and a good time was had by all. I think the UPS where I work had a party this year, but I am a part timer and was new at the time.


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darn I miss those weekend long softball outings. Use to have them out by the Worc. building before moving them to the southshore.
BABA wer'e showing our age, I remember the big softball tournoments I believe they were held down near Foxboro {wrentham maybe ??] they came to an end after the stike back in 97 it was the big founders day picnic,think we had one at Pinebanks in Malden Ma onetime too!!! played double elimination type ball games and had a blast we were all hammerd by the final games lol lol lol drivers and sups played on same teams,that made for some interesting games


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here is syracuse ny we have two parties a year. one is a clambake at the end of may and the other one is a retirement dinner in nov. both are put together by our retirees. both parties are open to everyone so if you are going to be in the area at the times of the party let me know and i will give you the details.

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Our building had a morning cookout for one small group of preloaders that met a misload goal awhile back. All others on the preload had to pay. 'Talk about unity and team spirit all you want....'

Oh you meant something elsewhere during off hours? Our picnics were replaced with Drunkin Golf Outings a long time ago and that's fine by me, it gives me a valid excuse for not attending.


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We have safety cookouts and such but every year they have HersheyPark Day. If you want to go you pay a discounted price to go to HersheyPark and they have food and such in a closed off area. 15 years at UPS and I have never gone. I live 3 milles from HersheyPark and try to avoid it as much as possible.