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  1. DelawareJones

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    Hello all,
    I started working at UPS last month and has worked 20 days. Is the probation period over once you reached 30 working days? I'm from the central region. And after probation, will they meet with me that same day and decide whether to keep me or not? thanks!
  2. McGee

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    Not 100% sure when summer peak starts, but I believe it is June 1, so as long as you started BEFORE the first official day of Summer peak, those days count, BUT any and all days worked during peak do not count. The days pick back up after peak.

    Unless something else is in play, that's how it goes..

    And sometime after you will get notified about your status... just w.a.d. show up every day, and you'll be just fine...
  3. PT Car Washer

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    Not sure if UPS hires summer help anymore. Everyone I have seen being hired are Permanent. We even have people with November and December seniority dates.
  4. Mugarolla

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    In the Central, UPS can hire vacation replacements in May, June, July and August.

    When they as are hired, they sign a form saying that they know they are being hired as vacation replacements.

    If you did not sign this form, you are just hired as a probationary employee and will either gain seniority on your 30th working day or be let go before that.
  5. barnyard

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    I am betting that you will not have a seniority date till after Labor Day even if you were hired as a perm. I am in Central also, started in June, have a seniority date in September.