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    Labor is the single largest variable cost in the UPS business model so the 300% annual turnover amongst part-timers is part of the strategic plan. The teamsters are bought off -via- the contributions to the Teamster health, welfare, and pension fund made by UPS on the behalf of the part-timers (who rarely survive long enough to collect a dime of that money.)

    In effect, the part-timers are nothing more than expendable slaves on the UPS plantation who are subsidizing the Teamsters financial mismanagement and generating huge cost savings for UPS management (2-3 billion per year in net profits.)

    As for the drivers, UPS wants to burn them out so they can be replaced by younger drivers who are healthy, naive, and clueless. For every senior driver who is suffering from burn out, UPS has six crazy young bucks drooling at the thought of replacing them (running scratch as cover drivers to prove it.)

    As a manager, I knew exactly how to spot burn out in an employee and give them just enough used rope to hand themselves with. It never ceased to amaze me how their union brothers would grin while i was devouring one of their own. I was a wolf prowling and growling the plantation looking for stragglers. They never loved me, but they feared me because fear is a powerful tool.

    The irony is that I developed more positive techniques which got me into trouble with management. That's why I took my million dollar investment portfolio and got out.

    You can survive the plantation, but you gotta be smart and be loyal to your union brothers....
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    Is "young bucks" your favorite phrase?
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    It's a phrase I sometimes used amongst managers when we needed to some new talent that could handle the stress of the job.

    The only exception would be if I was in the company of a manager or supervisor I suspected was a homosexual or an EEOC punk. They were the sensitive types who would always sabotage stuff.
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    Such pride in your work....
    What a SHAME.
    Your post, what a waste of electrons....
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    What's sad is a UPS burn out who can't handle the truth and learn from it. Perhaps you prefer the illusions UPS has created for you which is the likely source of your problems.

    I worked smart and was a self-made millionaire by the age of thirty. Obviously, you were never fortunate to have worked with me at UPS. Several of my former colleagues learned from me and they're all smiling today..
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    ezra.....I don't personally even know robonono, but I know he's a gentleman and a nice guy. You, however, are a trouble maker who needs to go elsewhere and spew your vile crap.
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    The only trouble I ever encountered at UPS were stragglers who had a problem or wanted a problem.

    The reason why I exercise my right to free speech in this venue is to because i genuinely care about UPS which made me a a very wealthy and happy person.

    As for malecontents and malignerors like yourself, you'd never survive in my former area of operations. We'd break you and give you the rope to hang yourself with. Perhaps, we'd even let the slaves on the plantation lynch you (this has been known to happen at UPS.)
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    "malignerors".....not in the dictionary !!!
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    I appreciate your posts. So far you have spoken only the truth.

    You are from the upper Midwest, aren't you?

    Enjoy your retirement; you really can't make a difference, no matter how well intentioned you may be.


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    Get off your high horse. Self made millionaire. You just happened to milk the company when the stock was going nuts. Try coming in now and see how fast you make your million. I have been driving for 16 years and feel no burnout whatsoever.
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    Susie....Maybe you should go back and read ez's latest posts under "young bucks"....maybe you won't be so quick to agree with this person.
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    I think a lot of older drivers have burnout .If not heavy packages and more packages they will trash there body first.
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    Thx for the positive comments about the truth.

    I won't disclose my area of operations for confidentiality reasons. I signed legal documents while working at various levels of the UPS machine.

    I'm a third generation teamster with a college degree who stayed at UPS after college. Some of my tours were up north and others down south. Regardless of where I worked, I loved my teamster brothers and sisters - even when they hated me.

    I wore a suit and tie at times, but my heart has always been teamster. This confession would never be possible if I were still on the UPS payroll.
  14. BROWNMONSTER....congrats on your 16 years of service, but wait until you have been there another 16 and you too will not only be burned out, but will have bad knees and ankles.Dont get me wrong, I have had a good life with brown, but after almost 30 it's time to call it quits.Am I burned out ...yes!I assume you are on package cars....
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    Brown Monster,

    Congratulations on your 16 years of service. The point of my posts are to highlight the epidemic of burnout that's affecting our teamster brothers and sisters throughout the system.

    I strongly disagree with some of management's tactics and I'm merely expressing a different point of view. I hope others will learn what you obviously know about survival on the plantation.
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    i've outlasted at least 10 managers in the last decade. managers come and managers go, but i am there eternal! burnout? whats that all about? all i do is carry boxes around and get paid to do it. big deal, see ya around. also i honestly can say only 1 manager in my time at brown has earned his pay outa 20 guys prolly.
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    Methra, I mean Ezra,

    "As for the drivers, UPS wants to burn them out so they can be replaced by younger drivers who are healthy, naive, and clueless. For every senior driver who is suffering from burn out, UPS has six crazy young bucks drooling at the thought of replacing them (running scratch as cover drivers to prove it.)"

    Like I said before, send us the winners, our building is hiring cover drivers off the street to cover routes while senior drivers tend to their 'burnout' while on vaca.
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    I would love to do a safety ride with those cover drivers. And then nail your :censored2: to the wall for allowing them to work unsafely. Then in 10 years when they realize thier body has been really damaged by running, not using the handrail, jerking boxes around, cutting various corners, Ill be there to tell them to slow down and use the methods. You will be there to try and fire them because thier burnt out. What a pile of crap.