UPS secaucus precharge late

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by JG3, Feb 7, 2019.

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    Lol doubt that did my job
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    You can lol all you want. If footprints made permanent images there'd be one of mine in every square foot of your old building, except for maybe that funky new smalls sort. Doing your job isn't all there is. I've been in plenty of pre meetings prior to recognition meetings like the one you had. That's where discipline on people is traded between the steward, the business agents, and management.

    If you were so great in a building where we're hiring 45-60 people a week in the hubs and probably another 6-12 on the preload for want of staffing, you'd still be there.
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    Well it happens and i did pretty good at my job but like I said me and the full time supervisor never got along there’s a lot of hate there but yeah If i was annoying I wouldn’t have been there for 11 plus years but you right supposedly.
  4. everyone has a problem with start time at the meadowlands, especially midnight. They hire you with start time being 11pm, ask you if it’s a problem making it at 11pm with your current job and transportation and you say no and they hire you.

    Then you find out that start time changes every single day. 10:30 tonight, 10:35 tomorrow, 10:50 the next day and then back to 10:25 the next day......every day is like this, they could never get it right and people are always late

    I never understood how you can be marked late when you were hired to start at 11pm.....but it UPS, what can we do


    I got terminated too for the same reason . But I'm still working until the hearing . Shane wants to fire everyone , I guess he wants to do the work himself.. its all good I have some info to get one of the managers fired . Im just waiting for my retro check and im out of this bitch.
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    Shane’s :censored2:ing * and so is his lapdog Sammy
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    Yup this is what they do.
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    Just don’t get fired before the retro check I’m not going to get mines.
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    That Shane what a pain in the ass
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    They literally can't fire you without a write up or suspension first unless you hit your supervisor or engaged in sexual harassment. Stories like this never make much sense to me.

    If you've never been disciplined you should probably keep showing up to work to avoid being actually fired for abandonment...
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    They either are a troll or the kid really gets a kick out of making bad decisions and getting slammed for it.
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    Who the :censored2: is shane??? Building manager or a line sup??? Why havent you all filed a grievance for harassment or retaliation if this guy has been up your ass to get you fired??? Or at least call the hotline to report him so he gets transferred to a different building?? Sounds like no one has balls to stand up to this guy.
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    How the hell can someone be with this company for 11 years and be so clueless?! I have been here for less than 3 years, Not an expert but come on. You’ve been around for this long and not going to fight to get your job back? Or is there more to the story, that you know you can’t get it back. I don’t know Shane but I’ve never met a Shane that wasn’t a :censored2:.
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    He actually had a lot filed grievance against him and so has his lapdog Sammy but who knows
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    Yeah you’ve been there less than 3 years so you don’t know all them shady things that had happen way before. They changed a lot of things when I first started, compare to now. Shane been trying to get rid of me for awhile now but his butt buddy was the one to do it. Just got a new job move on from them :censored2:s.
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    Lol the censored me i said the word fckin d!cck


    Karma will get SHANE , he is already limping . I predict 2019 not to be his year .
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    We are only allowed 99 lates .
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