UPS secaucus precharge late

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by JG3, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. JG3

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    Yeah they was all present but the stewards were just hanging out in my press conference. I’m actually surprise one of em didn’t even say a word in the meeting.
  2. RolloTony Brown Town

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    Did you call the union hall? Talk to your BA?
  3. JG3

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    Yeah I’m do that. I don’t think it would be overturn worth a try. Suck I’m miss out on my retro check.
  4. Integrity

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    I heard that was not true.

    I heard from, who I know is a reliable source, that Local is constantly in the building.

    I think you are not giving all information about your 100 lates or your discharge case.

    Not even completely convinced it is real.
  5. burrheadd

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    Brilliant deduction

  6. Integrity

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    Thank you.
  7. JG3

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    I am it is true already called and talk to them they said it was to late to do anything. Just got to move on sucks all them doubles and hours missed out on retro. Time to move on all them years and the pay rate gone, positive vibes though.
  8. Yolo

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    You held a press conference?
  9. JG3

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    Conference room for the hearing lol imagine holding a press conference I’m taking my talents to Amazon leaving a :censored2:ty job for another :censored2:ty job but treats employees a little better.
  10. East coast navy

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    Maybe square D would be better.
  11. East coast navy

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    Welcome to the Meadowlands!
  12. Big Arrow Down...D

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    No matter where they say the trailer is it’s always in The bagel lot
  13. Integrity

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    IMHO There has got to be more to your case.

    Just sayin.
  14. East coast navy

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    This is what Nj management is all about!
  15. East coast navy

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    What happened to the driver in T neck center? They are saying he got frost bite! Is it true?
  16. JG3

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    Lol ahh this guy knows what I’m talking about! I don’t know by that time I was already gone from that job. That sucks though
  17. Skooney

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    So don't get it misconstrued that I really even care.. I don't have a clue what your OP meant, and I was sort of confused by it. Plus, some dudes mom shaving his nuts is in this thread, it's 10/10.. I just have one question..

    Were you late 100 times or not?
  18. JG3

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    No I wasn’t late that many and yeah that convo went there lol.
  19. JG3

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    I’m not allowed in the building lol maybe Charlie’s corner or cheeseburger paradise
  20. dudebro

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    You were dealt for someone else. Maybe you were annoying at work.