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    I get my income tax check back next week and I was thinking about purchasing $1,000 worth of UPS stock. Last year when I was going to the stock price was at $74 now it is at $44.32. Does anyone own stock and have any advice for who I should go to and purchase the stock i.e. Merril Lynch, Scottrade, Etrade. My feeling is that this current economic staus will eventually turn around. Buy low sell high. Is'nt that what you are supposed to do?:greedy:
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    There has been alot of stock talk on B/C

    I don't know enough to give you good advice but alot of people here seem to know about it.

    Try the search function and type in stock see what comes up
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    good luck i would think stock would go back up and hopefully split
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I will see if anyone out there has dealt with the stock value and purchases.
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    I have some,repurchased at the lower prices. I have always bought stock outside the company for the ability to trade as I see fit as opposed to getting 10% off but being trade restricted with an internal purchase.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I applaud your loyalty but there are a ton of stocks that can be had at a bargain now and could give you a larger return on your investment.
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    In order for UPS to split the earnings would probably have to quadruple. Right now they make about $3 a share. I would suspect a split would be around $14 - $15 a share. Unless UPS could come up with another catalyst like a withdrawal of the teamster union.
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    Can you afford to put about $4300 into your account? If so you can sell a March 45 put for about $240 and If the stock is put to you, your cost would be $42.60 a share. If it's not put to you, you keep the $240 and made a 5.5% on your money for that month. Do it again for April.
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    Buy it through the payroll deduction and get the discount........I believe they lowered it from 10 percent to 5 percent but still .......its something for nothing. Do 500 dollars as a deduction for 2 weeks to equal your 1000.

    Also ..... GO MEGADETH........I've been a thrash metal banger for 20 plus years and going strong \m/