UPS Supervisor Awarded $18,098,478 In Retaliatory Wrongful Termination Case

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    UPS Supervisor Awarded $18,098,478 In Retaliatory Wrongful Termination Case, Reports Furutani & Peters - Bizjournals

    On Friday, August 24th, a unanimous federal jury awarded former UPS supervisor Michael Marlo $2,201,425 in economic and non-economic damages, and an additional $15,897,053 in punitive damages following a six day trial. The eight-person jury found UPS retaliated against Marlo for bringing a prior wage and hour lawsuit, reporting safety violations to OSHA and the DOT, and discussing and encouraging other UPS supervisors to file their own lawsuits due to safety and wage violations by the company.
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    Happy Founders Day
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    shocking news, an anomaly.
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    Former UPS supervisor wins case against UPS.... jury awards 18 million dollars!

    Congrats to M. Marlo ( former on road supervisior WLA ) on his case against UPS. After 3 years in the courts, a jury on friday awarded him 18 million dollars in damages.

    Marlo was fired improperly and the company had been harrasing him up and to his ultimate termination.

    How the case started
    Class Action Defense Cases–Marlo v. United Parcel Service: Ninth Circuit Court Affirms District Court Order Decertifying Class Action In Labor Law Misclassification Case - Class Action Defense Blog

    MARLO v. UNITED PARCEL SERVICE INC, Nos. 09–56196, 09–56206, 09–56451., April 28, 2011 - US 9th Circuit | FindLaw

    Mr Marlo is a CLOSE personal friend of mine, and I congratulate him for his fight and ultimate victory against UPS for its improper treatment.


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    Re: Former UPS supervisor wins case against UPS.... jury awards 18 million dollars!

    Congrats Mike Marlo there needs to be more people like you with balls to fight the big guys. Although I'd bet you'll never see a dime of it. UPS will most likely(my own opinion)hold this up in appeals till the end of time.
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    Awesome news for my new and best friend Mike Marlo.:greedy:
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    call jg wentworth let them get there money
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    This will be appealed and the amounts will be lowered. Then the lawyers will get there 33% first.
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    I love logistics
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    Just an FYI, the amount the lawyers will be taking is 44 1/4%. UPS may appeal, but at this point, its costing them a TON of money to defend it and the longer it goes the greater the cost.

    Mike and I will enjoy a steak dinner and laugh our asses off, as usual.


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    J.G.Wentworth won't even pay out on that one rocket man!
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    Re: Former UPS supervisor wins case against UPS.... jury awards 18 million dollars!

    I was feeling happy for him until this revelation!

    Bless his heart.
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    Kudos to you Michael Marlo !
    Going against the grain is not popular, its easier to go with the status quo.
    Its refreshing to see that justice prevails and that there are persons out there that will not be persuaded to sell out on their integrity.
    We are better than that and we deserve to be respected with everything we do.
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    WLA? Where is that ? That's alota cash. I think my stock just took a hit. Jk.
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    Mike had a ton of balls to take UPS on. He stood up for his collegues, and most of them were too afraid to stand with him. He went for class action status, was granted, but many of the supervisors who attempted to help him were either fired or forced to quit.

    At that point, UPS moved to de certify the class action status and take MIKE on as an individual. As we see today, Mike beat them and beat them hard.

    Mike was harrassed daily and up till the point where he was terminated, he never got weak or backed down. The circumstances of his termination appeared to be a set up to us in the hub, but the company swore it was nothing more than a coincendence.

    I found it strange that a random customer would go to the customer counter and start a ruckas, and then the company would send Mike out to handle it from a package center. Once he got there, the customer went nuts dropping f bombs and Mike responded at the same level as the customer.

    He was immediately terminated for his actions and this customer left without any further incident.

    Mike was only about 5 months away from trial on this case and it was clear the company was trying to get rid of him. They found their reason in this random customer at the counter.

    Mike is a good guy and the company mistreated him, but what else is new.

    We ride motorcycles together and have been friends for many years. I give him credit for standing tall and facing down the man.


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    Southern California.
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    Very nice! This gives me hope!
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    Stranger still Mikes case based on his treatment for reporting violations isn't unusual. That's how UPS manages its business. Everyone is harassed for wanting a lunch and break. The only differences here is UPS didn't have the union to hide behind.
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    Mikes case isnt usual at all. Many supervisors are mistreated at UPS, they have been for years. Most of them just take it and never complain, those that do are usually fired for some random reason or forced out.

    Some are moved to the bounderies of the supervisors geographical limitations and forced to quit.

    Mke was unique. Mike had an aggressive personality and UPS exploited that for years, Mike would do as he was told until he got in trouble and the company DIDNT HAVE HIS BACK. He re-tooled himself and went about business taking care of himself, the customers and his employees.

    He re-thought all the events of his career and started to look at the company with a finer microscope. All the skipped lunches, all the excessive overtime without compensation, all the DOT violations like making his take out routes without having a DOT clearance. The company doesnt care, and they still dont.

    They spent Millions to defend this case as if ANY of the claims Mike had made were legitimate business practices. Even today, the company is forcing supervisors to discipline drivers for production or face discipline themselves.

    All the supervisors know that the drivers cant make the production numbers because the system is rigged for failure and they dont want to have to face the reality of having to supervise angry drivers when they are disciplined for something they cant control. Sups have been disciplined and then replaced all over our district for this exact reason.

    Some sups have gone as far as to cheat the system and going into the computer and changing loop values in order to show better production numbers.

    One supe has been caught, and he was fired. Others have not.

    This is the reality that UPS creates for itself when it allows IE employees to dictate the way business is conducted when they themselves have NEVER done the job before.

    Mike has only opened the door for others to follow, and hopefully, this 18 million dollar slap in the face will wake up those at the top to make changes to its current operations.