UPS supervisors think their the all mighty?

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    Does anyone think it's a bit strange, that our supervisors leave before preload employees? I don't know what's more odd, that or the fact our'safety guy' is seen at 8:31am everyday running to his car. Seeing as he's the only safety guy in our building. puzzling at times.

    They also have this red card/green card system. Where if you 'misload' you get a red card, posted on your package car. If it's green, than you didn't have a misload. Now they said that was required for the whole building, yet it's only for 2 belts only. That seems a little on the harrassement side.

    They also had this 'rule' where once your drivers came on the line, they sent you home. My driver of 24years laughed, and said 'what are they going to do make the drivers load all this'? let's just say that rule only lasted 5days as it wasn't even enforced.

    I'm tempted to write a book on UPS, I could be a millionaire. the horror of UPS/the real inside story. haha.

    Anyway, don't mind me, I'm just ranting. I feel better now it's out in the open. =]
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    Rants are fine, we all do it here. All centers differ and no one knows why they do what they do.

    On the book, yes. I have thought that if I had started taking detailed notes when I started that I'd have one heck of a book. Being new and excited, then learning little by little how it works, how they manipulate and how feelings have changed would be most interesting. The psychological impact of working for UPS.

    Our sups don't leave before us. In fact, they stay and do paperwork.

    Safety guy running to car? Maybe a quick smoke?

    Red and green cards. Yep, we went through a time when the preloaders cars had signs on them. We also had a manager who made the pt sups whose belts had many misloads wear a life vest with a sign saying "I'm drowning in misloads". They wore it all morning. I offered to make one sups vest disappear if he'd give it to me but he refused. He's still there but the manager is not.

    Our drivers used to be able to come in a bit early to help us finish up loads but no longer can they do it. They must wait until their start times to help if the preloader isn't finished yet. Many don't like it because it gets them out of the building later.

    Yes indeed, it's a puzzling place to work. After many years of disappointment (sp?), frustration and rage I've settled down to watching, listening and often being amused. It gets better and worse in cycles but there is always drama. Have fun!
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    Red and Green cards were a waste of time and almost a harassment issue at my building. It is harassment to pin a card to your truck. It is, also, childish. Which is a huge problem with our preload supervisors. File an Art. 37 grievance.
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    I've planned on a book myself. The world should see all that is wrong detailed into the thought about UPS workers. Such as if someone askes me wereas do I work, I tell them and the automatically ask if I drive, you do earn a lot and / or you must be a hard worker.

    Such as soups, yea they think pretty highly of themselves. I heard a main line soup ( of a whole 3 years in ) say to a 25 year vet "welcome to UPS" which is amazingly stupid and power hunger. They look out for themselves like cops do. They think they know whats best for everyone and every subject. Yet give them a chance to do yours or my job and they fail terribly at it.

    The sad thing is, they preach perfection all the time at you/ us. such as missloads, methods and safety. Yet the scanning machine they spend millions of dollars on screws up all the time. They have such a hard time keeping people around, yet they treat the ones that stay around like crap. Yea UPS, wondering why your stock is so much lower then Fedexs. Well, I can place part of that on the union too.

    Over all, they cant really write you up for missloads, it isnt part of the contract. File for goodness sake, if they do, because it isnt in there. Be on time, work as directed and they cant do much towards you. Lastly, most of these people upon inspection, really dont have any leadership quailty to them. Hell, I've seen 13 / 14 year old boyscouts with more leadership quailties to them then the majority of people in UPS leadership.
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    Re: UPS supervisors think they're the all mighty?

    To the guy 3rd post down..their/they're correction.

    Thanks! I would give you a high five in person, but since that probably won't happen anytime soon. *high five on the internet lol*
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    One of the reasons they probably preach perfection is because their compensation is related to it; UPS sets up the supervisors in such a way that it becomes very difficult (perhaps not impossible, but difficult) to not be abrasive towards the people they supervise. That certainly does not justify harassment of any kind, and I'm not attempting to do so, but it does give some insight into the fundamental pressure they are under.

    A union employee is paid to show up, do work, and the raises are built into the contract; a supervisor does not have that - they are (in theory) being given raises based on performance. That is a difficult position to be in.

    That is not to say that some supervisors are not crap and couldn't find a sandwich in a picnic basket, but I do think there is an element of inherent abrasiveness in the position they are in; not too different from a politician or diplomat who must (again, theoretically) balance the interests of all those involved but can rarely deliver what any side really wants, they are the scapegoat.
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    Somehow I think this practice lead to more misloads. Seems there would be a competition to see which area could make their supervisor wear the vest :)
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    I do understand where your coming from. The problem with that is it creates an overall dislike and disrespect towards those people giving out random orders to fulfill something most people in America couldnt handle in the first place. The soup I have now, I like him because he leaves me alone, talks to me as a friend and stright up gets it. This all because he came from preload on my side of the line. So I do eregs, I help out when I can and listen to him if he needs help ( most of it all on my own ). Friendship should be first overall. I would expect people would do a lot for their friends over their enemies.

    As saying this, the guy before him was a complete jerk. He didnt come from preload and didnt know what went into it or how our lives are. As I said, they cant keep people around for long. Hell, they had two people last month that spent 1 day working on the boxline and they never came back. This after the soup teaching them did 95% of the work for them.

    Brown I know I know. They are only set to get raises and / or a bonus. But that only creates problems in my opinion. They need to learn how reward, friendship and understanding should play a huge role in their work. But they only think of the reward onto themselves. Thus the problem, huge and massive, is created because of their greed to think as they do.
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    Re: UPS supervisors think they're the all mighty?

    Random, you stay around, do not give a damn and keep hearing those stories. One day it might make for something readable. Plus people need to know, they should know. And thats is the only reason to keep that thought and dream alive. Dont forget, it isnt for the money, its for the truth, to do the right thing which most people will never remeber.
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    I don't think I would disagree with any of that.

    I work on preload and some of the flippant remarks I hear from supervisors/managers boils my blood; just the other day, I heard someone saying something to the effect that (paraphrase) "the truck and the position in the truck is written on the label; two chimps could do it." It is my general opinion that anyone who has worked on preload knows that is not the case; so I certainly agree with what you hinted at - supervisors who come from preload generally understand the predicament much better relative to those who do not.
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    Thanks brown!

    Sure they make those wanting soup postions ( into preload ) preload for a few weeks. The problem is they only do it for that long of time. Try doing it for four years and you will get the jist and understanding of what it really takes. You work me too hard, ill call out more often. You be nice and allow me to wallow a bit between cages and be a friend ill do anything you ask of me.

    The problem with soups is they are weak to begin with. Working hard is a not what they have planned at first. Which melts my mind really. UPS should seek those types of people out, those who are whole and perfect. But in the end they only get those who want an easy way out of the real work, to become ones with no production value at all.

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    How many teamsters would it take to write a book? Would the union want a royalty?

    Management can put anything they want on the packages cars because they are our package cars.
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    The Soups positions are theres because their to week to effectively soup! Ill see them their all time not wurking.
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    Their, there and they're.........know the difference !!
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    They're not yours anymore. A little behind the times, aren't you?
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    It's kinda cold today I think I will have some soup tonight.
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