Ups survivor guide!!!

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    This is my local

    and let me tell you that bob picone has been in the teamsters 40 years and he knows what he is talking about.

    This man has a lot to do with what we have today.

    He takes the time to answer questions and is immediatly on any problem brought to his attention.

    I have said many times posting here that i cant beleive what some of you say about your local or the union this man is why i say that, because i see none of these issues with this man defending us in local 340

    I have much respect for him and hope i can learn half what he knows.
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    What he wrote is true and well thought out. The best "340 Methods" I have ever read.
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    I will pass that on
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    From someone who has spent 30+ years on the other side, this is sage advise.
    The company and the union are only as good as the individual(s) you are dealing with ... never met and shook hands with UPS myself.
    401k advise is absolutely true.
    and this one is my fav,
    "And last, but not least, remember that no one is as responsible for you as you are."
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    I think that's a pretty fair approach.
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    "Always perform your assigned work as though someone is watching, because,​
    someone is watching. No, you are not paranoid, someone really is watching."

    I like that one. Applies at BrownCafe too.

    Excellent job, Mr.Piccone!
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    Hey Bob, any chances your interested in running the ibt? You have my vote!!! twice!

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    That was a very good read and full of advice that should be heeded by everyone that drives for UPS.
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    You never know wink wink
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    I assume "twice" is the Chicago connection?
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    Vote early! Vote often!
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    OK, I can't get this thing to open up. Does it not open up on a Mac? Or I am just that incredibly dumb? Don't answer that!
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    Support fellow workers who need your help, whether you like them or not. You
    are not going to get out of this life alive or retire from UPS without some sort of
    tragedy in your life; always carry some dollar bills, one for every panhandler that
    asks for money. In reality, we really don't know why we are blessed and they are​

    That was a good read. I copy and pasted one that I really liked.
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    I got mine opened on a mac helen just clicked the link and it opened.
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    Atta girl Jennie!! So true, so true.

    And I guess I am dumb, it won't open on my Mac.
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    I absolutely love the parts about working through lunch/breaks. I might use one of the entries as one of my favorite quotes. Those should be passed out to each and every driver, full-time and part-time, at each and every center.
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    I never have much to say, but survivor guide!!! is so relevant to working within UPS....question... will we(ups) survive the global econmic turndown
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    Helen this is a Adobe/reader pdf file..You will need this to open the file. The pdf files are pretty common.

    This link might help for your Mac if you dont have the reader on your computer already.

    "And last, but not least, remember that no one is as responsible for you as you are."
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    It opens right up on my Mac. You probably need to update Adobe or whatever else you use.