UPS total compensation letter sans PCBT

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by hitthebigone, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. hitthebigone

    hitthebigone Guest

    Did you get your Total Compensation Letter?

    Ever wonder why there is no mention of the Pacific Coast Benefits Trust? If it is "Total" why is the no mention of it?

    If you passed unexpectedly would your spouse unwittingly forfeit the balance?
  2. hitthebigone

    hitthebigone Guest

    Are any of you in other "Trust Plans" that also were not included in the "Total Compensation Letter"?
  3. hitthebigone

    hitthebigone Guest

    Where are all the "wise guy" posters on this one?

    Another crooked bunch of crap that won't just go away!
  4. muddflapp

    muddflapp Guest

    I received my statement from the Pacific Coast Trust Plan last week in the mail and all my money is still there plus dividends earned.