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  1. mzungu

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    Two weeks ago today, management reassignments were supposed to take affect. Of the 1100 early retirement offers only 500 to 600 were accepted, which with the thinning of the bloated remainder would leave roughly 1100 reassignments or layoffs nationally. The key date has been removed from the upsers website. does anyone have any idea what is going on or if there is a new plan? :surprised:
  2. bones

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    not sure on new timeline or plan, but find it odd that around 500 people took separation, however, when you look at district grade 16 assignments that came out 2 weeks ago you see OPEN and TBA positions. I don't see anyone else being offered separations with this. If they were going to cut positions they would have already done it at the grade 16 and above levels, I don't see cuts at the supervisor level. Makes you wonder how well every thing was planned. My 2 cents.
  3. Brownup'78

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    The timeline seems to encountered a black hole/worm hole or some type of time altering dimension:surprised:The latest now is it's the "supervisors turn" next week 05-19-10.
    We'll see, maybe.
  4. pretzel_man

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    I predict that there will be MUCH fewer forced seperations than originally rumored...

    Likely the reason for the delay in posting more information.

  5. RoyalFlush

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    I expect there will be 1800 positions eliminated in the end, just as it was stated. So far there have been no forced separations to my knowledge. District managers not selected at the district manager level were offered to become part of the pool for the next lower level. Division level managers not selected at the division manager level were offered to become part of the pool for the next lower level. Managers not selected at the manager level were offered to become part of the pool for the next lower level position. Supervisors are next. Those left standing without an assignment will be offered a separation package. Many have left voluntarily rather than take a step down. There are many less district, division and manager level managers positions now than there were a few months ago even though there are the approximately the same number of people. The plan was to reduce 1800 positions, mostly manager level and above. The plan has been in the works for a long time. My district stopped filling supervisor positions at least a year ago. There are lots of open supervisor positions that will be filled with former managers.
  6. tieguy

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    this whole process is like a bad nightmare.

    I keep hoping the guy making these cold and impersonal life wrecking decisions will get a visit from three spirits and find his soul. The divison managers I'm not too worried about though some clearly got shafted. The many admins getting screwed over really bothers me.

    another phase to be announced somewhere around june 1st. I have no idea whats going down. all have been sworn to secrecy. stay tuned.
  7. SignificantOwner

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    I know of a few people that left because they didn't want a demotion or didn't like their assignment, a few division mgrs that took a step down, and no managers stepping down to sup positions. In fact, I believe there's a shortage of managers, and I know there's a shortage of sups. Months of job threats for that?
  8. Old International

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    I know that in the South Atlantic District, there were a lot of moves two weeks ago between center manager's. Our time tested center manager was told on Friday that his new job was now 250 miles away. And we got a fresh , wet behind the ears person out of the safety dept. We are all up to date on our safety stuff, but the delivery side has gone to hell.
  9. soberups

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    We have a complete cluster-coital situation going on here. To complicate things even further, the long-awaited expansion of the Swan Island facility is supposed to be completed this summer, and our building will transfer something like 20-25 routes up there. The plan, supposedly, is for our building to go from 3 centers down to 2. My center manager got sent away somewhere on a "special assignment", and rather than name a replacement it has been decided that our three on-car sups will run the center until the dust settles and the smoke clears. Its pretty much a blinfolded game of musical chairs, only to the death.
  10. RoyalFlush

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    Supervisor swap meets were going on this week. Announcements coming soon.

    I still haven't figured out how these changes "align us closer to the customer." The transition to a P&L structure is the next step. So far there has only been people changes. The way we measure things is the next change.

    I have to say I agree that we do some really dumb stuff due to the way we measure performance elements. The real cost of decisions are rarely considered in the current system.
  11. soberups

    soberups Pees in the brown Koolaid

    Two sentences that sum up the underlying cause of every single problem that exists at UPS today.

    We no longer service the customer. We only service the metric.
  12. BluegrassJack

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    Interested in what you think the company should do with the admins...? Their jobs are gone. Lots of critics out there. Seems like very few problem solvers.
  13. mzungu

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    I was originally in the great basin district which was dissolved and sent in four different directions. I am now in socal. Of the original district no managers have been reassigned, most have creative job titles now. desert mountain which had one division feeder manager prior to the breakup now has four, socal has two. One manager in our department with 38 years in wanted to stay was forced out, he is being replaced. UPS probably twenty+ years ago had an independent review of the company and the analysis was way too much micromanaging among other things, at the time lots of buyouts and restructuring and a leaner more efficient customer driven company. Basically allowing the employees to do what is needed to take care of the our customers. the old adage comes to mind, those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. This time though, it seems corporate lacks the will to thin what is a top heavy organization. No one wants to lose their job but with a loss of 10% to 15% hourly jobs in my facility it seems to run a competive corporation this would be inevitable.
  14. brownsugar

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    In my function before the "transition" we used to have to copy five management people on a report - now we copy TWELVE. Don't know how this has brought decision making closer to the customer!
  15. SignificantOwner

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    This question is irrelevant. People (the "problem solvers") get paid a ton of money in both salary and stock to make these decisions and to make good ones. Throwing the lower paid admins under the bus so they can keep their stock and dividend money flowing isn't the right decision in my mind. Where's the creativity?
  16. tieguy

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    I think you allow those positions to dissolve by attrition rather then seperating them. the voluntary seperation package was fine for those that wanted it. One Admin who is months away from retirement was not offered the seperation package though he would have willingly taken it and vacated a full time job for someone that needed it. The voluntary seperation package should have been offered to every admin in the company first not just those in the affected jobs.

    Many conference calls to discuss those jobs that are available. A person then can choose between taking the voluntary speration or bumping someone else out of a full time job they probably need. That admin will then have the honor of being referred to as the person who knocked so and so out of her job for years to come. Think the bumper won't feel some guilt over this move? this is more then being critical this defys everything Casey taught us.
    Our admins have twenty or more years of seniority here. Many would never be able to find anything close to what they had at ups.

    Hell bluegrass throw em all out on the street. we're chasing profits now.
  17. cosmo1

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    Tie, you are almost sounding like a union guy now.:wink2:
  18. tieguy

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    Thanks . The success of this company has always been a concern for me. But never ever at the expense of those who toil for this company. Its shameful what we are doing to our people. Its not the ups i grew up in.
  19. Brownup'78

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    So..... Is the the timeline still alive? Here there were some movements in the ranks but not to the level I expected, is there a bottomless pool of managment employees treading shark infested waters waiting to see who gets a seat safely in the tightest boat in the industry? Is it over???:whiteflag:
  20. tieguy

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    no supervisors and specialists got their reviews this week. Rumor has it some recieved seperation offers. All quiet until friday may 28th when the last wave is announced.