UPS wants us to pay 90 dollars a week for health insurance!?!?!?

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  1. We had a meeting with our steward about the contract negotiation and he was telling us its at a stand still right now because the company wants us to pay 90 dollars a week for health benifits

    Has anyone heard anything about this???

    The union is fighting for us to pay 0 dollars like we have been but what does this mean a strike? A settlement of 50 dollars a week?

    If anyone has any info i would love to find out more of the details over this issue
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    Yeah there are 8 other threads on this same topic right now on here.
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    The Contract talks!!!!! Strike!!!!!!! Thread probably has the best info as to what's going on.
  5. Sorry should have checked just posted it as soon as i got the info
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    sounds like BS to take your mind off something else they're taking from you
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    Finally we agree on something.
    When this paying for healthcare issue is resolved and it will be, beware of the fine print elsewhere in the contract.
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    Exactly. "We will take healthcare increases off the table if we can agree on (insert here)."
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    Two tier pay scale is their ultimate goal. Think about it, if they get that they will have a long term plan of bringing down costs. Ultimately something needs to give. It's unfortunate but the reality is that compared to our competition we are like pro athletes. Since the government seems to not want to aid is on leveling the playing field this is what's to be expected.
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    why would a company making a billion dollars profit per quarter need to charge its employees $90 a week insurance? ups is killing us in part-time, we have to beg and plead just for 3 and a half hours of back breaking work. free health insurance is one of the only things making the job half way worth it at this point. the only way out is management, full time driving(ups is making qualifying near impossible) or quitting and we all know the job market is not too bright right now. ups should lead by example and take better care of its employees, and be a role model for companies giving quality jobs and benefits to americans. for the amount of profits generated through our hard work we deserve it! its not like we are a bunch of crappy workers and our company is not making awesome profits.
  11. Iv been with the company now for 5 years...which feels like 10...but 90 dollars a week might as well be half of my check ontop of the union dues each month...these guys just starting out are making 8.50 will now have to pay 5 dollars an hour for insurance making them earn about 3-4 dollars an is that supposed to feed an already starving college student???
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    lol it wont make sense, maybe they want full timers to pay $90 a week, part timers to pay $50 a week.
    a new hire making $8.50 an hour and 25 hours a week would make $212.50 a week before taxes and union dues. lets say $150 after taxes and dues now take $50 for insurance that leaves $100 a week now factor in gas money etc etc. ups will not be able to retain employees for that low of pay. for $100 a week u could work part time at mcdonalds, get a free daily meal and do less than half the back breaking labor you would do at ups. i thinks its a negotiating tactic and a horrible one at that because if we called ups bluff they would have to import workers from china for those wages.
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    IMO, healthcare is a good reason to strike if need be.
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    I agree that when it comes to part timers the benefits are the only perk. I could see them making them an option. Also imagine paying $90 a week on top of almost $100 a month for union dues. A lot would find themselves asking why have a union. Perhaps that's their hidden agenda here. Busting the union from within. Brilliant idea if it wasn't so screwy. None the less I believe we are in for an entirely different looking UPS in our near future. Scary!
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    "we have to beg and plead just for 3 and a half hours"

    No you don't it is your right ! It is in the contract. Pass the word everyone demand their 3 1/2 hrs. Do not go home no matter what they say. Make UPS contract compliant.Enforcement starts with every member.
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    It's not just PT that would feel the crunch. As a red circled FT driver, I would damn near need to start moonlighting at a gas station or something. And I'm single with minimal bills. Can't imagine some of the younger drivers I know. Multiple kids, etc. Would be a 15% monthly deduction. And that's 15% of take home.
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    It was $100 a week in the last thread. At least it's going down. I did my daughters taxes last week. Sad to say she made only 15K. Anyway, part of HR Block's review at the end said she qualified for govt subsidized insurance and medicaid under the new rules starting in 2014. If she doesn't have her own insurance or participate in the govt plans she will be charged $95 in 2014 and $325 in 2015. Looking at it realistically, why would UPS pay to insure people that make so little (meaning part timers) when they could qualify for govt sponsored plans. Sucks but it is what it is.
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    I'm a 24 year driver with 3 kids on my insurance and 2 in college. $100 a week would suck but but it wouldn't change my lifestyle. We save for a rainy day because once in a while it pours.
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    How can that be?
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    I don't budget that tight. Between the wife and I we have plenty disposable income. Just might have to piss away a little less. Granted we put ourselves in this position by saving diligently for 30 years.