UPS Will Not Support Either National Political Party in 2016

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    UPS made the decision last year not to support either political convention when it established the company’s 2016 budget.

    We will not have a presence at the Republican nor the Democratic convention. It is erroneous to assert or infer that UPS decided not to support the conventions due to the identity or position of a candidate. In fact, UPS made this decision before any candidate filed for election. It was not a political decision, by any means.
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    Another Corporation willing to speak out is APPLE.

    Apple has informed the republican party, that it will not send technological support or attend the GOP convention in cleveland. APPLE will not support Donald Drumpf because of his racism, hatred and lack of compassion.

    This is corporate responsibility in action.

    NEW: Apple To Boycott Republican Convention (VIDEO)

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    give me a break TOS.

    apple is probably :censored2: that trump threatened to force apple to manufacture in america again, instead of the 3rd world china where they have suicide nets. so instead of the workers dying, they fall in the net, and are whisked away back to the capitalist wage slavery assembly line.

    corporations are traitors. apple and steve jobs were hardly a guiding light of morality.
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    Why do I have to give you a break? APPLE is the one who made the announcement.

    APPLE is the one who called out Trump.

    UPS always supports the republican nominees, and this time, they too will sit this one out. While , UPS may not name DRUMPF as the reason, but its clear they are falling in line with the other corporations that will make similiar announcements in the weeks to come.

    Sorry Rickyb, DRUMPF is doomed to be sabotaged by both the RNC and the major corporations in this country.

    You may not like it, but the plan is in motion.

    The lowest common denominators of this country is all that DRUMPF has left in support.

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    its meaningless what apple or for that matter UPS supports or dont support. these are not moral corporations. apple makes its goods in third world wage slave factories. UPS ships said goods here.

    lowest common denominators sounds alot like hillary too. not that i disagree with you on trump, but hillary has the record of second highest unapproval rating for a presidential candidate ever after trump. hillary is exactly the establishment politics that the left and the right have been opposed to in this election.

    the democrats have played a very dangerous game in shutting down bernie, because im predicting with 4 years of hillary and another terrorist attack / financial crisis, you will literally have a popular fascist candidate emerge.

    u should try getting over your love of democrats. its divide and conquer and most of the democrats are totally subservient to corporate money. its not exactly a mystery thats what hillary is. and she couldnt have won if it werent for the rigged system
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    our system has been around for decades, yes, there have been modifications, and the GOP is looking to make a few modifications as we speak. We as citizens cant complain about what is happening, as long as we keep electing the same people to congress and the senate.

    The president is useless as an individual, and its our congress that has ruined what is our democracy.

    Lobbying groups like the NRA and the Tobacco industry have controlled congress for decades, and as long as big money rules, then the rules will always be in favor of those you dont like.

    People like drumpf are not the answer.

    The man is insane, unqualified and unhinged.

    This is why he speaks to the lowest common denominator. Its clear by appearance, that his rallies are loaded with those lowest common denominators who live their lives on soundbites and rhetoric.

    "Building the wall" is the best example of how he speaks to the dumbest of the dumb. Reagan said clearly that WALLS DONT WORK, and the rest of thinking america knows that the problem with people who enter this country and stay beyond their documented status allowed them to stay, is that CONGRESS keeps inviting them here.

    As long as we INVITE hundreds of thousands of foreigners into this country to WORK, then you can multiply that number by a million, cause thats whats going to happen when they start having families and children who become AMERICANS.

    The system can be fixed, when you throw out all congressmen and senators every 6 years.

    Until that happens, it wont matter who the president is.

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    Hey, we agree on something.
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    Oh No! UPS isnt going to support a political party? There's going to be riots in the streets. I hope our country can bounce back from such a devastating blow. Im calling off work and running to the store and buying all the toilet paper, bottled waters and canned foods.