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    Please excuse me if I come off as rude or mean but I want the truth to be heard. And please, don’t try to be a smartass and correct my grammar unless you like wasting your precious time and energy.

    First, let me say I've been a pt-timer for almost five years. I was planning to become a driver but the future doesn't look so bright for employees. It is truly sad to see a contract like this pass. Not only because the “Teamsters” sold us out but even worse- most people voted yes. Why would anyone with half a brain accept this first offer that was written almost a year early? Its either the vote was fixed or we have some really dumb co-workers. Here are some of the reasons why I think it will soon pass:

    1. It would be a lot easier if the “Teamsters” were on our side. The people who voted for Hoffa get what they deserve.
    2. The majority of UPSers (from what I understand 75% are part timers) are illiterate or ignorant. The statistics prove this- only 20% voted? I don’t understand...most people I talk to in the hub want a raise but they don’t care to vote. And most people that did vote couldn’t figure out that it was a bad contract. I wouldn’t vote yes even if I were in the central states.

    3. “Teamsters” using our dues for their yes campaign…what a slap in the face.

    4. They rushed to pass it so we didn't have enough time to organize.

    It can only get worse once this contract finalizes so I will work towards plan B. I think eventually it will get bad enough to strike. I understand from a shareholders P.O.V. but the only way to get what we want is to get rid of the Teamsters then strike. Good luck to everyone.
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    Well part-timer, with your doomsday outlook I would imagine you will be leaving us soon. Let me be the first to say, "buh bye". Hope you find the job that will pay you what you think you are worth. Having been around awhile, I kinda get the feeling (based on this post) that UPS will not be very distraught to see your backside walk out the door. Good luck to you.
  3. KTB

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    If we'll vote for this we'll vote for anything. Both UPS and the Teamsters now know this. Expect even worse in 5 years.
  4. Cole

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    You're right ptimer!
    We see how much they let UPS write of this contract for the monies they put in CS, so that gives us imo a glimpse of how much control they will relent as far as the pension plan goes.
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    I still fail to see what is so bad about this contract. The main focus of this contract is the pension and healthcare, both of which were addressed. Sure some of the provisions aren't great like the split raises, but its a not a big deal. This contract is more long-term focused and not so shortterm. If it works out our pensions will be healthier and our healthcare will be sustained. Some people are complaining about how it doesn't allow for more combo jobs, and while I can understand the disdain for this you have to look at the big picture. In my hub we are practically maxxed out on combo jobs. For awhile they were creating combo positions using jobs we already required, but latly they have been creating jobs simply for the sake of meeting the quota. A lot of the people taking the jobs they signed up for aren't even doing those positions because they don't have enough work to give them. The contract does provide for 20k new fulltime jobs which is still a big plus in my book.

    You have to remember that these negotiations are a give and take situation, and with the pensions in the shape that they are both sides had to do a little of each. This contract won't be the end of the world for UPSers, its just a change of procedure. As an employee I find this contract acceptable as niether our customers nor fellow employees need the uncertainty of a possible work stoppage next summer.
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    20K new FT jobs? what 20K NEW FT jobs, it isnt creating any jobs but the jobs they have already been obligated to create under the 97 and 02 contracts.....
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    I've seen better and I've seen worse. Back in the 80's we had a contract where Your yearly raises were diverted to the pension and health & welfare plans. NOTHING went into your paycheck. That contract passed because of a one time bonus of $500 to p/t & $1000 to f/t employees.
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    I talked to all the part timers I could and asked who was in the union and told them the negatives of this contract. Most who didnt know a single thing got brain washed by management and if voted probably voted yes. Or did not vote. I talked to one of my drivers and he said he was voting yes, and I told him how the part timers were being screwed and he laughed at me and said, I cared about part timers about 10 years ago, not anymore. This contract is bull. Is their anyway we can band together and complain and maybe do something os is it oficially a lost cause.
  9. brett636

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    Article 22, Section 3 of the new agreement:

    "The parties agree that providing part-time employees the opportunity to become full-time employees is a priority of this Agreement. Accordingly, the employer commits that during the life of this agreement, it will offer part-time employees the opportunity to fill atleast twenty thousand(20,000) permanent full-time job openings throughout its operations covered by this agreement."

    Sounds rather straight forward to me. If you have evidence that says otherwise I would be interested in seeing it.
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    These are not new jobs. Most of these will come from full timers retiring or being fired over the next 5 years

    Within sixty days of the ratification of this agreement the employer shall provide the international teamsters union a report detailing and identifying the full-time jobs which will need to be maintained pursuant to this paragraph

    What??? Sounds kind of maniputable to me.

    Why not tell us before the votes were in and not have to wait????
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    Please explain your hate. Did I offend you?
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    Ok, you are excused.
    Bye ,Bye now
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    typical of the misinformation provided when you do not go to your local contract reviews. the first language quote quite clearly states that twenty thousand new full time jobs will be created through the growth of the business.

    the second quote is clear language designed to protect specfic full time jobs from elimination. You even take language beneficial to your side and try to twist it negatively.
  14. brett636

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    Regardless of where the jobs come from they will become 20,000 opportunities for part-timers to become full-time. Why does it matter if it means some of them are coming from retiring employees?
  15. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    Do you really think this contract was negotiated with the union members best in interest in mind?

    If TOFC loads are taken away in place of feeder work, counted as new full-time jobs, is it possible that there could be many fewer full-time driving jobs available to bid on for part-timers?

    I don't hear you mentioning this part at all.
  16. KTB

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    That's almost worthless language. Over the course of this 5 year contract there will be more than 20,000 full time openings due to natural turnover (keep in mind the number of full time jobs nationally as well as the ages of those drivers). The 6 to 1 part time to new hire ratio will more than cover that number. I'm glad the commitment for at least 20,000 is there just in case, but it's not like those are new jobs. It's just filling the ranks.
  17. tieguy

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    LOL. Having been around for quite a few contracts I always have to laugh when I hear the "we are doomed, sky is falling or world is coming to an end" hysteria that comes out during contract talks. I have heard it with every contract and yet somehow we all did better each time and made more money.
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    Lol, you really don't have a clue do you? Yes mostly package car drivers fill available feeder spots, but someone has to fill that package car driver's spot. And who do you think that full-time job opportunity will filter down to? Thats right, part-time employees.
  19. brett636

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    Again, why does that matter? Its still 20,000 opportunities for part-time workers. Do they have to be new jobs?
  20. wkmac

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    Impressive observation Tie. If I hadn't seen it come from your mouth I'd swear you read this and quoted from someone else. I stand corrected that you are that smart afterall and maybe one day as smart as me!



    I'm still goofing off on vacation, what you doing?