UpstateNYUPSer and two-tier wages

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Liquid Swords, May 8, 2013.

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    He had been touting this garbage as being necessary for the synergistic survival of ups & union. As expected, the prediction was fallacious.

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    It`s not the first time he`s been wrong and won`t be the last. Also, this can be said for everyone that posts on this site.
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    I've never been rong.
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    Next contract Liquid Swords........after all... UPS was able to move us to the 4 year we do in essence have a multi-tier wage for a 4 year period.

    Sad really....knowing that some of the individuals I know have been waiting 14 years to go full time driving.. probably will have to wait a year or two more....and then....wait 4 more years to make top rate. APPROXIMATELY a 20 year wait to make full time drivers wages..!!!!!

    That same employee will work another 10 years full time and be eligible for a 30 year Partial Service Pension consisting of 2/3 of his part-time pension amount and 1/3 of the full time pension amount.
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    Upstate is probably right on this, it's just a matter of how many contracts we can get in before then.
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    Seeing as how none of us were at the negotiating table, none of us know what was proposed. I would not be surprised to see 2 tiered wages someday down the road. Railroaders said that they would never except it for engineers, but they did.
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    Probably the best option which many overlook is to get into a permanent PT air position. That way when you do go FT, you would stay at your rate if higher than the starting wage for FT, which if you're at top rate for air is much higher than the starting FT rate. So instead of getting the proposed $18.75 to start you would be red-circled at your air rate for four years.
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    I think ups knows that many folks will be retiring in the next 5 years so they wanted to cash in on that....If they were hiring drivers, in general, in a year or 2 then the language makes SOME sense but we all know that is not the case.
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    I believe his words were, if not this contract, the next.
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    There is a thread by this same title in Union Issues. Both are needed ???
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    This TA han't been voted in yet...................maybe the next TA will have a two tier proposal in it...........just say'n.......
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    I will bump this thread in five years.

    Let's make something clear: I miss UpstateNYUPSer and I've run out of ways to see his return, so I am resorting to petty tactics to try and incite his response.
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    ...or the one after that, but for sure the one after that

    We get it.
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    I say let sleeping dogs lie.
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    To add an ounce of legitimacy to this waste of a thread, let's discuss this option. Over the years I've read two different sides to this on the brown cafe.

    Scenerio: I drive Saturday air as a part-part timer. I top out in this category. Later on I go full-time driving. Do I start at the topped out air driving rate or do I go to the lower starting rate for new full-time. Most have said yes you do get red-circled but I recall a caveat.
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    The only instance I have seen where one's salary slides back is when an employee transfers into a position whose top-rate is lower than his former craft's rate, eg. a driver transfering into an art 22.5 position. However, that only applies if the driver is at top-rate; if they are still in progression, they'd be red-circled.
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    With all due respect. Give it up.
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    No I don't think so. Because your main job is inside in the hub, correct? Easy way to check is look at where it say "current pay rate" on your paycheck. If it's higher than the FT starting wage, then you keep your PT rate until progression catches up. You would have to change your PT classification by bidding on a Monday to Friday air driver job. If you already drive Saturday and are at top rate, you keep your rate if you are awarded a permanent air driving position.