US Going Bankrupt?


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Telegraph | Money | US 'could be going bankrupt'

The gov't itself has been morally in that position for about the entire 20th century so I guess it's a given that the economics would finally catch up. Problem is, we're to stupid as a people to not follow them blindly down into the abyss. You know, a mirror image of what UPSers are doing with the IBT and their pension system!



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Oh, and one last dig. The Republicans in 94' were given a type of voter mandate to fix the very situations that was leading this country towards the insolvacy picture the St. Louis Fed. Paper is describing. The republicans didn't start it solely nor did they prevent it solely, they share equal guilt with the democrats on this if you look back through the 20th century. Both parties have also had their lone champions givng the call of warning and no one listened. Instead, it got power hungry and became exactly the same thing that was wrong in Washington leading up to 94' that lead to the voter revolt.

Now tell me again how the Congressional republicans are different or better than the democrats? You know looking back to 9/11 and I say this extremely figurative and tongue-n-cheek but Osama hit the wrong building. Had he told us he was coming we could have locked all the doors and painted a huge X on the side so they'd have something to aim at!

I know most if not all of you will vote either democrat or republican so at least vote against the incumbent no matter who they are. If the entire Congress were turned out, it wouldn't matter which party controlled Congress because a huge message would be sent to stop playing politics and start doing what is right. Them just knowing that we don't fear massive change via the voting booth would be actually more powerful and scare them more than if Osama had hit them on 9/11. They can hire soldiers to go after Osama but could they stop us from voting? What would happen if they did?

Don't just vote, for once vote for a huge change and make it count to send a message!


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Personally I think none of the above should be on every ballot. That way we really have a choice. If none of the above gets more votes than the other two, then have another election, and the two that ran before cant run this time.

I mean really, what choice do we have. Do we chose bad or badder?

Put real choice back into the hands of the people. None of the above needs to be there from local elections to the national ones.



Ok, big time politics are not my forte`but if they diversified they just might come out on top.Free trade...screw mexico...invest in Canada as both an ally and a growth centre.(sp)If we work together we own more land than china or russia or europe.I see no reason for the USA to go tits up.Its never gonna happen.But I could be wrong.


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The "None of the Above" on every ballot is a great idea and I've always been for it. Some say voting 3rd party is like voting "none of the above" and I'd say that has a valid point because the odds of a 3rd party winning in any major election is at best a longshot. I say longshot because Ventura did it in Minn. as governor and his very frank and "say it like it is" approach was a welcome breathe of fresh air. As much as we can more and more of that needs to be encouraged IMO.

What we each do on election day is up to us but I will say this, continuing to vote for the 2 major parties will not bring about any meaningful change for the good. When more and more people atart voting 3rd party, no matter who that is and the 2 major parties see their win numbers shrink further and further under the 50% mark, then the worry sign will go off and a possible change may occur. When a President is elected with 35% of the vote, then you'll see both major parties and the elective forces in American politics go beserk and like in Georgia when the Libertarian candidate for US Senator stripped enough votes to force a runoff between the democrat and the republican, then all hell broke lose with both parties running mad dash to convine the legislature to change the elective law. The hoped for 3rd party restricitions were defeated but they passed law so that the top vote getter wins outright instead of it having to be a pure majority.

There are options and alternatives out there if you choose to seek them out and take them. You won't be in position on the Wednesday after an election to pound your chest that you voted for the winner but IMO you've done a greater patriotic duty for the country itself.

Double Standard,
Forget the Canada/US combination. I'd had to think we had a part in really screwing up Canada.
Never been to your beautiful country but hope to some day and another thing. We'd take our aweful national anthem and replace your beautiful and wonderful national anthem with ours. What a tragedy! Oh Canada is just a beautiful and inspiring anthem IMO.