VA Meds and automated calls.

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  1. dilligaf

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    WTH! We get this contract, start calling customers to let them know they have a sig req pkg coming and now I am getting complaints from customers saying they aren't getting calls anymore.

    Is anyone else getting complaints from customers who have not been getting the automated calls on their VA meds?

    P-man, is there anything that can be done?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    In yet another UPS cost cutting initiative, the phone calls have been outsourced to this person:

  3. bigbrownhen

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    I had a customer ask about this the other day. I figured it was a one time thing. Guess not. I just re-assure them that we will make 2 more attempts and leave a note each time. If we don't catch you the first day, we will be back. They don't seem to mind much after that. Most of them are older folks, but I have a few that are Gulf War vetrans and the current war as well.

    This is such a big account for UPS, you think they would not drop the ball on this one.
  4. dilligaf

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    The bad thing about this is many of these customers don't get their meds until the last minute as it is. Not anything to do with us, it's that the VA is so tight on their shipping schedule. Customers get used to having that call and planning around that call. We started the calling, can't see where it's right that it is just dropped for no good reason. When we first got this contract I heard from so many customers about how great it was that we called. Now, we have more :censored2: off unhappy customers. NOT GOOD!

    PS: Dave, that was priceless. Lily Tomlin at her finest. :happy-very:
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    I just say I wasn't aware that we called . In fact, I'm not aware that we called people.
  6. dilligaf

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    It's an automated system.
  7. worldwide

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    Correct - it's automated and it's not a contractual offering and it is triggered by the service level chosen and if a phone number is included at the point of shipping.

    Provided at no additional cost, UPS Voice Notification gives recipients advance notice that a shipment is on its way, and a timeframe in which the shipment will arrive. In addition, Voice Notification lets recipients know when UPS will arrive to retrieve a return package so the shipment can be ready for pickup.

    Voice Notification is available with these services:

    - Signature Required and Adult Signature Required shipments to residential addresses

    - Collect on Delivery (C.O.D.) shipments to residential addresses

    - 3 UPS Pickup Attempts on UPS Returns® to residential addresses

    Voice Notification is only valid for packages with a U.S. origin or destination that are processed in a UPS automated shipping system or a UPS Ready® solution.

    To request Voice Notification, simply provide the recipient's phone number and check the Residential Address box in the UPS online shipping application when creating a shipment.
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    I getting too old what show did lilly do that bit on was is Laugh in or the old flip wilson show?
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    Rowan & Martin's Laugh In.