Vacation after worker's compensation


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I have been on worker's compensation for over 2 years with back surgery. It looks like I will be returning before May 1. Does anyone know if I will be entitled to my vacation, sick, and optional pay for this year, since I will be returning before the end of this vacation period?


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I believe that answer is YES! On the job injury doesn't reflect vacation ect.....Only pension vested credits! You retain all seniority!


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Yes, if you come back before May 1st, you will be entitled to your 2007/2008 vacation and then after May 1st you will be entitled to your 2008/2009 allotment.


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Not in the south. Health benefits paid for 1 year,comp pay for 2 years max. NO paid vacation when you return. You have the weeks still but you must make your own benny payments for those weeks.


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I have almost the same question. I was out on WC for almost a year and came back after my seniority date. I say I have 5 owed to me UPs says I only get 4 because I was out over 6 months. I am in the northeast, has any one heard of this?