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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by OMS_03, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. OMS_03

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    Can somebody explain to me the vacation process for part-time supervisors. My center manager said that I was only entitled to one month of vacation per year because I have less than 5 years on the job. I thought that if you had over 6 months and less than 5 years, you qualified for two weeks of paid vacation per year. Even one of the other full-time supervisors said that I was supposed to get two weeks.

    I think my center manager might be trying to rob me of my own benefits.
  2. toonertoo

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    When I was a pt sup, you dont get the option week that hourly got, as you get a bonus in December. I went from hourly to PT mgmt with 2 yrs svc, and two weeks of vaca, and lost one in lieu of the bonus. Made no sense to me, but thats how it was. There lies the problem, when you dont have a union, you have only a small amount of people to question, and their answer (no offense to anyone) will differ by as many people as you ask. ASking on here may get you the right answer by someone currently in the position.
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    It is 2 weeks from 1-4 years, 3 weeks from 5-9 years, 4 weeks at 10. I'm pretty sure about this, but call your HR department (not the 800 number, find an internal number) and ask them specifically about you.
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    Spidey is right, you are to get two weeks, plus 5 discretionary days, to be used on a mutuallly agreed date.

    And remember the most important thing, TAKE THEM!! you will not be paid nor can you roll them over, take all your days off
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    Don't forget you also get a holiday makeup day for December 31. It needs to be used by March 31.
  6. dannyboy

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    I wished I could have gotten a month off the first year I was at UPS.

    Im sure you meant one week?

    Call the HR department for your area. As has been mentioned, each area of the US is somewhat different then others, so you need your info for your area.

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    Local H.R. department is the way to go. Find someone you can trust to tell you the truth. Did you work the day after Thanksgiving. If you did they owe you other day off to be taken before March 31.
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    OMG I was wrong and its only the 13th of January
    Friday the 13th I may add.
    Im quite sure I lost a week, lots have changed in PT supervision, like getting a make up day, and paid for OT.
    Good luck.
  9. OMS_03

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    Correction: I meant one week...I think most people understood what I meant to say.

    Well, today I went and talked to my center manager. My center manager called two different people in HR and they both told him that I was only to get one week vacation. I then went to my desk and printed out what the UPSER's website had on it under the benefits section regarding vacation.

    Apprently even the people in HR don't know what everything is supposed to be. But from what I printed out, there is a little math formula to figure out the amount of vacation days and it also clearly states that from 1-5 years an employee is eligible for two weeks of vacation.

    So as of right now, we've figured out I am supposed to get more than one week, but they are still trying to figure out exactly how many days I am supposed to get. So then of course the other OMSs who have been with the company for the past two years+ were mad because this whole time management has only given them one week of vacation when they were supposed to get two. The UPSERs site says that this particular vacation plan has exsisted since January of 2003....way to go HR and management to stay updated on policy changes!!! :thumbup1:

    Of course my ctr mgr was quick to point out that I should be more concerned about my stats with drivers being over 9/5 and service failure, then whether or not my vacation is right. I love how the PM Dispatch OMS gets most of the blame for poor dispatch and route planning when almost everything is done in the morning before I even get there. I see my position more as damage control...not dispatch.
  10. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    Now aint that just like a spineless center manager?

    Btw, when they change the subject like that, from your vacation week to the driver dispatch, In my experience you have them by the balls and they know it.

    BTW, UPS has also taken great advantage of part time sups. Working them lots of OT without compensation. My understanding is that this practice has stopped. IF you work longer that your scheduled time, you should be paid for that extra time.

  11. spidey

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    They found a soloution to this. They dropped the hammer on overtime again, stating that at 5.5 hours if you are not done, you are to get up and walk out, absolutely no overtime. Means many people will be working off the clock to finish up. Very few are not dedicated enough to finish the work. Happens every year now as UPS tries to make first quarter goals.
  12. toonertoo

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    "stating that at 5.5 hours if you are not done, you are to get up and walk out, absolutely no overtime. Means many people will be working off the clock to finish up. Very few are not dedicated enough to finish the work"

    And back in the Old days if you had left before your work was done, I for one wouldnt be here as you have NO protection in management.

    Also I believe the website is for hourly employees, mostly.

    Dont be surprised that you cannot get answers. I had a bill for an ER bill that no one knew who I could get to help me. My center manager gave me 3 different names and I got the "its not my job" typical answer. I got sued. Finally I dug a name out of my memory of a former good sup I had worked with that I knew was in HR. It got paid in 2 wks, at least I was told....I still havent got the confirmation.

    After 20 yrs I had to fight to get my 6th week of vaca, after I didnt get it the first yr I should have. But I did get it. The only thing that moves at a fast pace at UPS is the packages, and the people that move them. Not the benefits you get for helping get the job done.
  13. dannyboy

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    This and all these reasons are why we need to organize the OMS personel. UPS is really taking advantage of these part time people.

    In our center, they leave. Done or not. And if they have to stay, they do get paid the OT, it just has to be Oked by management.

  14. toonertoo

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    Danny I doubt that would ever happen because at least in our building OMS are considered management (without the benefits). I dont know enough any more to know who is working over etc, as I rarely see them anymore, which must mean they are actually getting out at 5.5. Once they were getting paid for their time, they suddenly didnt need them as much.
  15. xracer

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    We have two OMS clerks in our bldg, one of which works her scheduled hours and then goes home as she should, the other will work as much as 14 hours in a day and I have heard that she has fallen asleep at her desk as she was doing some sort of diad upgrade in the middle of the night and was woken up by the preload sup. It is all about how much you let the company take advantage of you whether you are hourly or management the difference being you have no protection in management and have to be a little more careful as to how you handle the situation..
  16. toonertoo

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    14 hrs in one shift, how could that be??????

    I think thats stretching the truth!!!!!!!!

    Just kidding, been there done that, and didnt get paid for it. I was too devoted, thought I was doing my job. And guess who gets the credit?? The FT sup that only worked 9 hrs that day, I betcha.