Vanity Posts ??


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I don't know how posts get to be called "vanity posts". If someone shares a joke and makes another person have a moment of laughter in what may otherwise be a :censored2: day, how is that vanity?

If someone struggling to come up something different for dinner tonight sees a recipe they can use, how is that vanity?

Sometimes it only takes a few words, maybe someone else's words, to brighten a day. I think quotes cover a vast area of subject matter and you never know when someone may be helped or inspired by a quote. How is that vanity?

I call it sharing, spreading some humor, entertainment, education etc., but not vanity.


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Personally I Use Some of those "Vanity" Posts!

I'm not sure what happened to provoke your response in this thread's opening post but for the record I've used numerous recipes from your What's cooking thread over the many months or maybe even year or so now since it was first started. Ironically, it's probably one of the more useful threads on this entire board because about everything else from all of us is just a lot of hot air! LOL! If that's Vanity then I hope you stay the vainful person you are because at the least the eatin's good! ;)

Every once in a while I check out and enjoy the jokes and good quotes too! I've got no problem at all with any of it. Keep it up as long as you like and if Cheryl has no problem then go for it!

Again, don't know what provoked this but for some reason someone does come to mind so just ignore and keep going. :D


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Now I Know!

OK, now I know what provoked this. Consider the source Moreluck, Consider the source. I wonder if this thread will be visible since you are on ignore status? LOL at the thought!


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For someone that knows deep in her heart that every post that disagrees with hers is insane, what would you think. Any one that disagrees with her, she attempts to embarass, destroy or intimidate. Even to the point of having her posts deleted because she posted things that were inappropriate. IF any one is posting vanity posts, it is the one that issued that claim.

Some people think of themselves as greater when they have more posts. Even when they have nothing to share. I know of one poster on another site that has over 4000 posts. EAch one falls into four groups. Gee Im sorry. I know what you are going though. Or isnt that just too pretty. OR the favorite, gee you are so right. The last one is used when as a groupie she fawns over one of the more knowledgeable folk on the site. But never in the last two years has there been any thing else.

Dont know if that is what she is looking for, but she sure has a long way to go. Besides, I find your posts more interesting and provocative than hers.

Will that be a bit of laughter today with the tomato and basil soup?

Besides, her personality is to try and make others uncomfortable. If she sees that you are, she wins. Ignore her. Eventually she will rot away.



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More-As WKMAC said consider the source. Keep on doing what you do. No one will ever dissuade susie from any position she takes so I choose to keep my blood pressure under control by not responding to her. Us senile old folks have to stick together.


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Wiley, so you can be dissuaded from your views? :D:D:p


wkmac has the right of it, the rest of us are just a matter of hot air on most posts that are not simple contractual matters, recipes or jokes.

While I never peruse the recipe thread as I don't eat things with taste I do occasionally go for a laugh to the jokes thread.

Keep cutting and pasting moreluck.