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    My 90th day at UPS was two weeks ago and my benefits have kicked in and i'm in the teamsters union. I came in with a group of 5 people and none of us have been officially hired. We were told after 90 days, if everything worked out, we would be in. Now, i'm starting to hear rumors that they're going to use us for peak season and then dump all of us after the holidays. If I made it 90 days, how can this happen? we were not brought in as seasonal. I don't understand whats going on here. Is this normal? seems very sleazy.
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    Find your Steward, ask him. Or call your local union hall, and ask someone there. None of us know what will happen to you.
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    Depending where you are, would be different, but if you got your healthcare cards, that's a pretty good sign.

    Who are these rumors from?
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    Yes, shadiness & sleaziness is normal at ups . Especially with new hires .
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    Thanks, i've been hearing it from the people I trained with. They're getting info from other drivers. This really blows because I've been absolutely busting my ass and have been 100% committed to this company
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    Also, i havent gotten the healthcare cards yet, but I sent all the info in to the teamsters. About to set up the 401k as well. If I got hired as seasonal and agreed, I would have nothing to complain about, but we were all brought on and told after 90 days, you're good to go. I just hope these rumors are not true because this sucks so bad.
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    i'm starting to see that. It sucks because it doesn't have to be that way. I really like this job too which makes it suck even more.
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    The best way to tell if management at UPS is lying to you is to watch their lips. If their lips are moving, they are probably lying to you.
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    After 30 days you have seniority.

    At least that is how it worked before I retired.
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    Talk to your steward, to confirm you are eligible to pass probation, then to your sup to confirm you are permanent. Sometime the drivers like to mess with the newbies.
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    Some of these F*ers have become quite adept at ventriloquism. Sometimes, their lips don't move at all. The key now is if their mouths are even open slightly, they are lying.
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    Seems to me, if you have 90 days in, you were hired for the summer season and since that is over, you are in.

    Be prepared to be laid off for a while after peak though. Many people are laid off their first late winter into spring.

    Get clarification from your local and management
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    A lot of permanent Union members are laid off right after Peak. For how long just depends on the volume and who quits.
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    If you were hired before October and have passed your 90 working days, you are in. Call your union hall and ask for a UPS business agent that knows your contract to find out the finer details. UPS can potentially lay you off a couple of days after peak due to not enough work but they can't get rid of you.
  17. MyTripisCut

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    Free advice, don’t do this anymore.
  18. quad decade guy

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    I've busted my ass for nearly 40 years and by definition 100% committed...So, nothing new there.

    Peak hires forever, slow work for new hires forever. What's the question?
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    The 401K means nothing. You are automatically enrolled, whether you are a permanent employee or a seasonal.
  20. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    Nobody cares