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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by kahemery, May 22, 2006.

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    I, work for UPS at the Dayton Menlo Hub and we are being asked to volunteer to go to Louisville on June 2nd to help train new hires, plus help with building-up freight. We have been told that this will be for only about 30 days. We are hearing rumors that UPS is having problems hiring new people. Is this true? I have volunteered to come down but I don't want to commit to this if I have to spend my whole summer in Louisville. So could someone tell me what is really going on. Thank You
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    Yeah, they're still several hundred employees short and they've been forcing low seniority people from Worldport to transfer to the Menlo/UPS heavy freight building. Most of them that I have talked to want to go back and most of the current Air Cargo employees who were here before the expansion want to bid out to other jobs. The mood has really changed around here as far as management being quick to hand out discipline and not being concerned about employees needs just the operation of this new building. I myself have been looking to bid out as I don't look forward to working with the new mangement team from Menlo since they aren't accustomed to working with union employees. If I were you I'd stay home. Why would any of you want to help UPS/Menlo when they basically are the reason you guys are out of a job. Let them worry about getting this operation up and running. This is their baby now.
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    How can they "force" low seniority people to transfer?

    The company's apparent inability to staff this new facility kinda debunks the "world's most admired" company motif and the thought that the applicants will be lined up on the streets.
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    Anytime there is a need in another area for workers and higher seniority people decline to move they can go in reverse seniority order.
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    The only reason I agreed to come down was because of the pay. I figured why not make as much as I can until its over. It started out that they were going to bus us down 4 days a week and that we would be paid from 8:00pm til 8:00 am with any hours worked past 8 would be time and a half. Now their are rumors that the will put us up in hotels and pay us actual hours worked. To which I will not do. But hey thanks for your feedback. All of us in Dayton like to hear whats going on because management tells us nothing.
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    Trick my friend I hate to give the wrong impression but if our folks at Dayton are being asked to help train new hires in Louisville then it appears that the issue is not that they can't find enough trainee's but that they need more trainers to train all the trainee's they have found. Forgive me for being argumentative in this case.
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    I asked my boss to send me. I thought he would jump at the chance to get rid of me for a month. Great bass fishing In Ky this time of yr, I hear. Thought I would find out. Im one of those people with no family to interrupt, so it would be a no brainer to send a volunteer like me. Give my neighbor a key for a month, and see ya first of July, no family problems or dilemnas because of it. Oh well I tried.
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    My boss would probably pay me airfare up there to get rid of me for a month!!
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    I was hoping................