Vote no on Central region supplement!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by team player, Oct 31, 2007.

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    Did any one read the language in the Central Region Supplement for the single day vacation coverage driver? This completely opens the door for UPS to start what they always wanted, part-time drivers forever. Specifically item c which says they can help a regular driver who cannot complete his day, and be dispatched with 4 hrs or less. Part-timers wise up 16.00 an hour may sound good now but if this passes you will be there forever, why would UPS ever bid another full-time driver job when they can use these 16.00 per hour drivers all the time?:sneaky2:
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    Now I hear that the ballots for the OH rider are wrong. Any ballots recieved at the IBT with the incorrect OH rider will be thrown out. New ballots will be mailed out and if they are not recieved by 11/15 they will not be counted. Why is the IBT trying to put this vote on the fast track and jam it down our throats? Part-time drivers in the Central is just the beginning. Your next East and West if this Central supplement :scared:passes!