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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Ruralbrownman, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Ruralbrownman

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    I was wondering if any centers have voted out bonus. With standards the way they are now it is almost impossible to get anyway , unless you give them lunch and run all day.
    There has been talk in our building (NO IL District) about trying to get it out.
  2. xkingx

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    whats bonus?
  3. ExupserNaples

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    When I first started in SW FL. in 1987 we had the bonus vote, and it was turned down. Never had come up again so im not sure if it can be revoted or not. Besides we had our own bonus system in place, it was called OVERALLOWED. Think of it this way if UPS is telling you you are going to make more money and its also better for the Company watch out. Another famous quote from Atlanta "Last best and final offer."
  4. Ms Spoken

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    Our center voted out the bonus almost over a year ago and life has been grand. IMO UPS's time allowance is not fair to every driver. Since we gave the bonus (most never saw anyway) the boot we now have drivers taking their full lunch and helping out in the loop if needed. We still have the same ones skipping lunch and taking every shortcut just to get in.
    All you have to do is start a petition, have drivers sign it and send it in to Local 710 for a vote. You are allowed to have a vote on this bonus only 1 time per year.
    If you should do this expect UPS to try to stop you from voting out the bonus. They will have so many tie's in your buld. talking up how good it is to have a bonus. Our place was even promised a new time study if we would keep it but, that was our main reason of getting rid of bonus was because it's not a fair system for all drivers.
    Good luck and keep us posted.
  5. Ms Spoken

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    I can feel your center manager's & DM's nails digging into their desk as we speak. They will not be happy but, they will have to get over it.
  6. ikoi62

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    what he said..
    never heard of it here in the north east..
  7. Thebrowntruth

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    Several centers have voted out bonus in our district in the past 2 years. In my opinion and its based on talking to several drivers it was to "get back" at UPS for the lousy implementation of PAS. I am the first to admit time studies are not up to date or accurate in many areas but the responses from some of the drivers were downright silly. The common theme was "why should only a few drivers be getting it". Sure some got it by skipping lunch or still having a fat allowance but some honestly have the methods nailed and can do it. I will never understand how one union brother felt better about themselves by taking something away from another "brother". If UPS really was concerned about having or losing bonus wouldnt they have it set in stone in the contract? The moral of the story careful what you wish for, you just might get it. But hey thats the beauty of democracy!
  8. 30andout

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    We still have a few routes that get 1 to 2 hours of bonus a day, with relooping some drivers lost all bonus and some gained it. I don't think the majority would vote ours out.
  9. xkingx

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    "she":wink: and Im in VA so it must've skipped the East side...
  10. over9five

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    It's not here, either. (N.E.).

    What happens if you're in a bonus center, and you choose not to participate? You still get OT after 8, right?
  11. sendagain

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    I always worked under a bonus system in California, and it paid pretty well through the seventies and eighties. The company gradually tightened the allowances to shrink the ability of drivers to make bonus money, eventually it just about disappears. Some routes still have some capacity to get bonus, and these routes ought to look attractive to those drivers who might want to bid on them one day. To vote out the bonus system doesn't seem too bright to me, since you completely remove any chance that you might earn some extra money. This also removes every incentive for a driver to acquire more business on his route, since it will have no impact on his money earned per hour. Long ago, it was common for one driver to go help out on another route in order to boost his incentive pay. Now, guys just look for a place to park the truck.
  12. Jones

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    Bonus has no effect on OT, you still get paid for every hour worked, and any hours worked over 8 are paid time-and-a-half. I think this has been posted before but here's the rundown on how it works for those who have never worked in a bonus center. Here in the Atlantic Area, bonus is basically overtime that you don't work. It pays time-and-a-half, just like OT, and you can't make bonus on an "under eight hour" planned day.

    If you have a 10 hour planned day, and you finish it in 8 hours or less, you get paid:
    8 hours straight time
    2 hours bonus

    If you finish it in 9 hours, you get paid:
    8 hours straight time
    1 hour overtime
    1 hour bonus

    If you finish it in 11 hours, you get paid:
    8 hours straight time
    3 hours overtime

    I know that in some areas bonus is paid as straight time, but in my district it pays just like OT. In my opinion it's a no lose situation for the drivers, you will never get paid any less than you would in a non-bonus center, and you have the opportunity to get paid more.

    The biggest problem is how unfair the timestudies are, we have some routes that are a breeze, drivers are in the building at 1600 every day with a few hours bonus, and other routes that are just screwed, you can't beat them no matter what ya do, so this obviously creates a lot of jealousy. But with bonus paying time-and-a-half here, I can't see it ever getting voted out.
  13. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    I see.

    I guess I wouldn't bother voting it out. If you choose not to do it, fine, it won't affect you.
  14. rod

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    So you have a few routes that have a fair time study on them and a few that are so wacked out that Superman couldn't come in under allowed on. Wow- that bonus system sounds like another good way to keep the troops at each others throats. Heaven forbid there is any unity amongst the troops.The Brown Master Plan at work again.
  15. ups_vette

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    Bonus gives the driver 3 options.

    1. A driver has the opportunity to earn more money workng the same number of hours. Example: A driver who normally works 9 hours with a 9 hour dispatch will earn more money working the same 9 hours with a 9.2 dispatch. 2 tenths BONUS PAY

    2. A driver has the opportunity to earn the same money working fewer hours. Example: A driver who normally works 9 hours with a 9 hour dispacth will earn the same money working 8.8 hours with a 9 hour dispatch. . 2 tenths BONUS PAY

    3. A driver has the opportunity to earn the same money working the same number of hours. NO BONUS

    At no time will a driver be paid LESS than the contractual agreement for hours worked. However, a drive has the opportunity to be paid MORE than the contractual agreement for hours worked.

    In my experience in the Central Pa District two (2) Centers voted to remove Bonus. Both Centers later voted and had Bonus re-instated after a two year absence.
  16. over9five

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    Why have some of us never heard of it?

    Is it only offered in some areas, and if so, why?
  17. tieguy

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    Its definitely been implemented throughout the northeast. Ask some questions you might be able to get it implemented if you get the center to vote for it.
  18. Rusty

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    It was voted out in my WV center. IT was like the Rich get Rich and the Poor get Poor. If center manager doesn't make enough money from the system he will change the standreds
  19. ikoi62

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    funny in 20 plus years and 3 different buildings in north jersey the only place i have ever heard of bonus time is here..:confused:1
  20. Beaten Brown & Blue

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    :w00t: I've been at things for over 25 years, let me offer you this advice.


    All they can do is hound you. You blow it off, file a grievance, and the game begins anew. Another bit of advice, learn to use the methods they preach. If you are on an ojs ride, go as slow as you can, but follow the method and you are ok. I've seen many a good guy fall because they worried too much about bonus. Also, you could run under 6 hour a day for 10 years, but if you slow down, (it's called aging), on your 11th year, they'll suddenly have a whole new attitude twords you. Your only as good as yesterdays numbers.

    Whoa! It felt good to rant. Can you guess who just got home?
    Hope the above helps someone.