Voting - Yes to Union Principles by voting NO to the Tentative Agreement

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    Considering the fact that there are so many threads on Vote "Yes" for this and Vote "No" for that, I thought it might be appropriate to start a thread on how I feel that many of us "long time" UPSers will be evaluating the current tentative agreement. For me personally, this contract is far more complex and far reaching than a simple 5 year agreement. This contract is about the future of UPS and the Union as we once knew it.

    Many of you have done an excellent job in explaining your rational of how you will be voting on the contract. For many, it was plain and simple..........."how will the new tentative agreement be affecting me (you) personally for the next five years?". For some, it was more altruistic in nature in that they not only considered themselves, but their Union brothers and sisters as well.

    From the IBT:

    "Let each member do his duty as he sees fit. Let each put his shoulder to the wheel and work together to bring about better results. Let no member sow seeds of discord within our ranks, and let our enemies see that the Teamsters of this country are determined to get their just rewards and to make their organization as it should be -- one of the largest and strongest trade unions in the country now and beyond."

    Continued weakening of our Union through division and fear cannot continue. Weak strike and pension funds have castrated our Union negotiators to the point of accepting increasingly concessionary contracts for some while providing for the few. The "New Wall Street UPS" is upon us and will relentlessly "hunt down" each and every one of us through telematics and indirect forced employee turnover. Harassment and disciplinary actions "up to and including discharge" will increase as pay rates increase. Whether we like it or not......we are ALL LIABILITIES in the eyes of the New Wall Street UPS.

    In summary, I am voting yes for our Union principles by voting NO on the tentative agreement.. I am voting NO on Wall Street's version of UPS. This tentative agreement as past contracts are nothing more than "parlors" of a lobster like trap that will eventually lead to our demise as a Union.