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Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by airops, Feb 21, 2013.

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    My W2 says that UPS paid $4300 for my health benefits. Doesn't that sound quite high for a single guy? This is for benefits that don't pay for anything except a preventative exam. Makes me wonder what the Teamster W2's say.
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    4300 is cheap and they pay it to themselves. UPS is self insured. This was put on your w2 for the next phase of Obamacare. This year you were not taxed on it. But dont be suprised when in the future you/we will be. My w2 says 10k and then I pay over 3k more out of pocket a year
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    We are all paying a ton out of pocket.
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    The Kaiser Family Foundation published their annual report on employer-provided health care premiums. Here's a quote from one of their reports:

    So it looks like UPS is getting good value for their money.

    Here's the link, for anyone who wants to read the details. They have a LOT of good information, based on real data, no spin. Considering what a hot topic this is, it should be a resource for all of us.

    Employer Health Benefits 2012 Annual Survey - Kaiser Family Foundation