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    Hi everyone!

    The W2s are in the mail. We've heard from several employees who received them yesterday and today. They are also available on the ADP website which you can get to from upsers.com

    We have been flooded with phone calls in the tax department (The 1800-UPS-1508 number on upsers.com has been handing out one clerk's phone number all day for some reason we can't figure out) so I thought I'd post the common ones.

    1. Seasonal employees who worked in 2008 just got a 2009 W2.
    **Pay period 12/27/2008 (work dates 12/21/08 - 12/27/08) had a check date of 1/2/2009. Even though the work was done in Dec 08, it was paid in Jan 09 making those 2009 wages

    2. My gross wages don't match my last paycheck.
    **If you have any pretax deductions (health insurance premiums, 401k, etc) these are deducted from the gross wages on your last check to reach the wage amount on the W2. That's why we always tell people to wait for the W2 and not file their tax returns based on their last check. We heard from a very angry employee today who now needs to file an amended return because she just didn't wait. This particularly hits the non-union and management employees due to the way their health insurance premiums are classified.

    3. UPS barely held out any federal tax
    **This could be because you claimed a lot of allowances on your W4
    **This could also be because of the Making Work Credit introduced in April which changed the tax tables. PT employees who don't work very many hours, particularly those hired later in the year or seasonals, probably didn't have very much federal tax withheld and that is correct.

    4. I updated my address in January but my W2 was still sent to my old address.
    **The address file was provided to ADP at the end of December. Any address changes after that were too late for W2 mailing purposes. Either print if from the ADP website or wait for the post office to mail it to you.

    5. I need a prior year's W2.
    **Have your center manager put in an inquiry asking us for it. We have them all on a handy CD in the office and can print one out and mail it to you. Please indicate the address where you would like it sent in the inquiry. We can send them to the center or to your home.

    Please let me know if there are any additional general questions. If you have a specific question about your W2, the best way to get a quick answer is to have your center manager put in an inquiry.
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    Great post, Kae. Thanks!
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    Kae, I would like to also thank you for the post; however, I would like to add my two cents to a couple of your points.

    First, it is possible to do your taxes based on your end of year paystub. You just have to ensure that any pretax deductions are subtracted from your gross wage for Federal income but that you use your gross wage for Medicare and Social Security. You would also use your adjusted wage for State income. You must also enter these pretax deductions in the appropriate field in Box 12.

    Second, prior year W-2s can be accessed through ADP. They will have the current year and the previous 3 years available for download.
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    Yeah but you're smart and know to handle the pretax deductions to reach the correct gross. Trust me, we hear from a LOT of employees who don't know how to figure that out. We'd prefer that they just wait for the W2 than call up yelling at us because the W2 and last check don't match. We also do a lot of adjustments behind the scenes that won't be reflected in the last check. (example: if a check was issued to you in error and payroll needed to cancel it but missed the last regular payroll cycle of the year, there is a special process run to correct the data before the W2 is generated. If you had third party sick pay that needs to be included in the W2 wages, it gets run through after the last payroll cycle, and so on)

    I wasn't sure how far back you could go on ADP. We had a request for a 2002 W2 today and had to handle that in the office.

    Thanks for the clarification!
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    Thanks for your info. Dave.