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Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by Hurricane, Oct 15, 2018.

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    My annual medical premium increased 98%. (Doubled). If this continues (100% increase per year) I will be paying $7000.00 a month for medical benefits in five years. Shoulda stuck it out another 10 years and retired after 40 instead of 30 years.
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    Cool bro
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    It sounds like you are retired. If that is the case, don't worry. Premiums also increased 100% for those of us still working. As front line supervisors, we were asked to engage each of our employees about contract ratification. Some of the talking points were wage increases as well as increases to pension and healthcare contributions. I then sit down to do my annual enrollment and find that UPS contributed LESS to my healthcare...Inspiring.

    And No, you should not have stuck it out another 10 years. As a 33 year employee, it makes me sick to my stomach to go to work everyday and not only see what this company has become, but to see where its going. You made the right choice.
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    That sucks.

    They are thinking they've gotta pay for the new contract somehow...
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    Are you a non-Union retiree?

    I have $17,500 credit and my insurance (the best offered and most expensive was around $12,000.
    I thought it went up but my outta pocket is Zero.
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    He should look into it. I'm sure he could find a nice plan for less than 7k a month.