Was Load Quality Acceptable (Y/N)


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I went five years with a "Y"...and I've had tons of terrible loads. One day I decided to do it after counting 32 misloads. The very next day I had only 30 misloads.

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I do too but a road was closed and I had to go a different way...I had to hit “YES” ...I could be instantly fired for dishonesty
LOL good point. I would rather risk getting fired for dishonesty than to admit I am too stupid to get back to the center without the use of a map though.


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DID YOU FOLLOW MAPNAV TO BUILDING ( notice you can’t touch no )

I believe it asks if you completed the navigation back to the center. It isn't asking if you followed the map nav directions. That line is only in EDD so people who don't know how to get back to the center can get the turn by turn. Have you ever noticed that it recalculates the route when you go a different way?


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Yeah I can remember one single morning when they printed up and read out to us some of the additional comments drivers had put into the DIAD about load quality. All that was good for was a few good laughs, particularly at the drivers no one likes.