we better hope this doesn't happen

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    Sad to say but I believe this very much. FedEx is so much more cost effective in feeders or over the road. Hopefully something can change and we can unionize FedEx. There tractor trailer drivers are at least 14$ cheaper.
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    Less than that.

    Contractors are looking for feeders in my area. They pay $.37-.42 per mile with no mileage guarantee. There is a post in the Fed Ex section from a guy that says they regularly get to terminals and lose runs to non-Fed Ex drivers (Swift, Werner and the like). Teams make a little more, but if they cannot turn and burn and have to sit at a terminal waiting for loads, with no guarantee, they are losing too.
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    As far as bang for you buck goes package car drivers are worth the money by far. That's what I take from that article.
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    What I took was that Surepost is going to grow and grow.
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    Surepost packages have come back home to roost. I haven't seen a mail truck delivering where I'm at get any larger either.
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    Before everyone gets crazy over this, think it through. I see this as an opportunity for BOTH UPS and the Teamsters.

    Today, there are three seperate feeder networks (UPS Small package, Freight, and Cartage). From an overall perspective, not allowing one unit to move the goods of the other is not the most efficient way to go. That is clear.

    Allowing goods to be moved by different units has to potential to lower UPS cost and raise its flexibility to operate.

    So, take advantage of that. Take some of those additional profits and build that into the next contract.

    Rather than fight this, turn it into a win-win. Go get your fair share.
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    I remember my sup said they asked upsf for help during peak 2 yrs ago and they refused to help.
  9. Dracula

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    Yeah, UPS would definitely take advantage of that , AND US, by cutting union jobs and driver's hours. Small package is, by far, the larger of the three units, so where do you think this is aimed at? We could also take huge pay cuts in wages and benefits that, according to your flawless reasoning, would lower UPS costs and flexibility.

    No thanks, Bub.
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    Yup, that's where all us displaced Feeder drivers are going to end up. And the Package drivers displaced by us will be loading and unloading trailers.
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    Combining all 3 would cost package jobs, no 2 ways about it.

    Feeder jobs would move to Freight or Cartage, feeders would bump back into package and so on. My guess is that since Cartage has the lowest wages, they would get the most work.

    Looking around a bit, it looks like the better LTL places pay mid $20/hr, most are $17-20/hour. The worst are in the $14/hour range for loading and $.37/mile on the road. In other words, quite a bit less than what we make. The lowest paid places also have horrible turnover and much higher accident rates, therefore higher insurance costs.

    It used to be that UPS wages put pressure on competitors to raise their wages. FEE used to make very close to us, now they are a third less, they are not losing drivers do to lack of pay.

    I am thinking that in the court of public opinion, we (small package drivers and feeders) would lose if UPS made that proposal public and said that they could not afford to pay truck drivers $33/hour. UPS can cry all day about labor costs and there are very few people that would say they are wrong.
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    This resonates with the Hostess issues.
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    I take it you're not currently, and if this takes effect never will be, a UPS feeder driver.
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    That would be my take.

    It would probably be phased in over time and certain large hubs would be deemed critical and would still have small package drivers.
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    Judging from the posts here, I'm assuming UPS lost billions in the last few quarters, right?
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    Hostess was bought out by hedge funds and looted dry while constantly demanding that the unionized workforce give up more and more in health care/pensions/wages. Upper level managers were given bonuses while the company was posting losses. The business was run as a personal piggy bank and there was never any impetus to innovate or stay competitive.

    I fail to see the similarities.
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    Wasn't it actually that some drivers could only deliver the cupcakes and twinkies but not the wonder bread. So, who looted the company?

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    Wow! That's all I can say. Like the good count said, it's not like Ups is exactly losing money right now, right? Looking to lower the cost would cost most of us our jobs. Good thing we would have a vote on this, but if it even would make it to contract teamsters would have dug their own grave. doesn't take a genious to figure out the guys at the top loose in a deal like this.

    Guess I said more than wow. Oops.