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    Supposedly 70lbs. is the max weight limit allowed on the sort aisle and there is even contract language on over 70's. I have an issue at my hub where those nyalon zipper bags (forever bags) are stuffed with small packages that are heavy. Imagine stuffing trash bags full of bricks and geing told to sort those bags to top belts and there is no weight descriptions. These bags feel super heavy and alot feel over 70 and it is shifting weight. You have to force it to the top belts. I keep bringing it up to CHSP and they say they will try to use moderation on stuffing these bags. All it takes is one bag too heavy to hurt someone. I have women on my sort aisle. Should I contact OSHA? My business agent says we have to sort it if it's not over 70 but he doesn't seem to get it.
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    They contacted OSHA here and problem got better for a little while. Best bet is to get together with others in sort aisle and ask for help. If they don't like your productivity tough
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    Same exact issue?
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    This may be extreme but if something is illegal, unsafe, or immoral can I refuse to work as directed because of this issue?
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    Yep. Ask for help if you don't feel safe doing it by yourself. They were also having issues with the bags falling off the small sort belt .
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    Don't put it on the belt if you feel its over 70lbs. It could injure the next guy who handles it. Notify your supervisor and stop its progress just like a regular over 70
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    Man these things need to have weight descriptions on the labels. I think I'm going to get the whole sort aisle to file nonstop and contact OSHA
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    I would challenge illegal, but if we stopped for immorality, we'd never start the shift.
    All of our smalls bags go to a waist level belt, and the problem bags are full of lottery tickets, talk about shifting contents. But its generally not a problem here.
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    The bags that I am talking about come an account called Scientific Games. They are a major account. They manufacture lottery scratch offs and lottery stuff
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    Give them an opportunity to fix the problem before going to OSHA. Just the threat of calling them can help get a resolution. File a safety grievance first.
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    We (drivers) are told that smalls that we put in to forever bags must weigh 8 lbs or less. Doing the math, 8 lbs x 9 pkgs = 72 lbs. 9 packages in a forever is a waste of time for all involved.

    There is also no way for a driver to put an Over 70 sticker on to a forever bag.

    In the case of that specific vendor, it sounds as though BD needs to pay them a visit.
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    When I used to sort a little by time ago sometimes the heaven stuff went to a muffle belt or a bottom belt. The silver belt was always a favorite.
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    Our heavy stuff goes down the slide. Then gets carted to where it has to go.
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    I am thinking of the Collin St Bakery Fruit Cakes when you mentioned that.
    I think 10 can fit in a bag maybe?
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    Are the women on the belt hot?
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    When I was a sorter we used to open the bags, sort out the heavy ones and send the bag on. Unless they were all 8 pounders, then we just dumped them back to small sort or made the supervisor help lift it. If a supervisor was not there, we left it at the front of the aisle off to the side. Not our problem to lift over 70's, we're not irregular drivers.
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    They will try to move him to a different position and put some sap in to lift the heavy bags. And they will convince the new bag lifter that OP is a lazy union worker, thus (inexplicably) the new guy works even harder to show that OP is a weeny and he is tough. UPS is playing a vicious game, only a matter of time till the the dyke breaks.
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  19. Turn off the belt and make unload get it.
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    They still ship those things around Christmas? 30 years ago when I was a PC driver we would sometimes get 20-30 of those things a day. The good news is that they were driver release, and they would really sail if you got a good windup. lol.