Weird vacation/comp issues (Atlantic)


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So this is really two things, a simple question and a weird issue:

1) What is supposed to happen to your vacation if the week you bid winds up being during a time when you are out on a compensable injury?

2) I bid a week last year before I understood how the process worked, despite having 0 vacation time. I wound up injured and my vacation week fell during my workers comp time. But the vacation hours were removed from UPSers, leaving me with -45 hours. On top of that, the paystub didn't show up until a month after my scheduled week. On top of that, it was at my hourly rate from earlier in the year, not my current rate. And on top of THAT, no money was deposited to my account, despite the existence of the paystub.

Anyone have any useful input? Of course I'll be talking to my steward if I can't get it figured out. tia


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You didn't get any money deposited to your account because, like you said, you have zero vacation time. The other stuff with -45 hours and wrong pay rate are likely just temporary glitches resulting from the fact that you were in the system for a vacation that you weren't supposed to have.


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You should be paid both WC and vacation for the week in question. However you can reschedule the time off later in the year if any open weeks are available.
The -45 just shows you were paid out but have not reached your anniversary date yet.


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Here you get paid for the vacation week and will be paid for your injury time also, then a few weeks later the injury payment will be deducted. Anotherwards you’re paid every week injury time, one week you won’t be paid, once they realize you were paid for a vacation week.


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Here we are paid vacation pay and work comp for the same week, two paychecks for the same week. Or the employee can choose to move his vacation week later, but it has to be a week that has a vacation opening.

These are all spelled out in your regional OR local supplement.