Western Conference Aug pay raise

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Pkgrunner, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. Pkgrunner

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    All I could find about the Aug pay raise was in the Master agreement on the Teamsters' national site of $0.70 (half in Aug the other half in Feb). I was wondering if anyone knew what the joint council 42 rider had in it. I was under the impression that our raise was more along the lines of $0.90.
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  3. Mike Hawk

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    It is $.70 in the new contract.
  4. speeddemon

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    Yep. .35 now and .35 later.
  5. outamyway

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    The master agreement shows $.70 spit over the year.

    Your package rider may show something different. I know, at least the Southwest Package Rider Agreement states, that we will get a $.55 raise on August 1st 08. Then $.35 on February 1st 09. Then the rest of the raises are the same as the master.

    Though, I recall something about being in the central region now. I can't keep track of all this :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:. They can't even agree on what the 10 point commentary should be.

    I was takin a piss today and on the wall in front of me was yet another version of the 10 point commentary. This is the 3rd version I've seen since I started 2.5 years ago.
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    Hey Outa, is there anyway you could post the "new" 10 point commentary? I would like to see what the differences are. And they put it in the bathroom in front of the urinals?? Where will it be placed next?
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    In them? Maybe then you can read it while you piss on it.
  8. Pkgrunner

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    Thanks! That sounds about right. Not all the links on Teamster site are working. Since Southern Nevada is in the same joint council as So. Cal. I would assume we would get the same raises---especially since it is on the transfer list with in the Western Conference.

    Do you happen to know if it mentions anything about TP60 pay? I happened to notice that in Alaska it was only $0.20. I currently get $0.35, I would have thought "ice-road-truckers" got more.
  9. outamyway

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    I'll try to find it if you tell me what it is, or what it's referring too.

    I'll get a pic tomorrow and post it, but it was different than this one:
    1. starting up at intersections
    2. when stopped in traffic
    3. count 1-2-3 after vehicle ahead, blah blah
    4. 4 to 6 sec following distance, blah
    5. 15 sec eye lead time
    6. scan steering wheels
    7. stale green lights
    8. eye contact
    9. pulling from curb
    10. use of mirrors
    Some of them were the same. This is from the yellow card 10 point I personally was trained on. There was another older card that was slightly different but not by much from the one shown.

    The one on the wall had quite a few changes. The one difference I remember clearly was the now 10 to 12 second eye lead time. I guess if I use a 15 second eye lead time I'll be fired for stealing time.
  10. Pkgrunner

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    I found it---had to open the links with Internet Explorer. It was under the SW rider and is still $0.35. I tow a trailer for a Satellite route and was a bit concerned that the rate might have gone down.

    Thanks anyway
  11. trplnkl

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    Do you get that extra .35 for every hour you work on a given day or just the time you are actually hooked up to the trailer?
  12. Pkgrunner

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    It's for every hour I work, and at .53 for overtime. I get a 30 min time allowance for coupling and uncoupling the trailer even though the whole processes including the slower to-from adds about an hour to my day.

    For me, it's more trouble than it's worth; it's like having a kid brother you have to take along with you at an amusement park, and then wait for at the end of the day because he's not at the meet point when he's supposed to be.
  13. outamyway

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    I can't remember all the details of the other 10 point commentary I mentioned. I don't know if that is any closer to this one than this one is to the other one listed in this thread.
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    On the floor infront of the throne. no reason why the boys should have all the fun!