What’s the penalty pay when you don’t receive your vacation check?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by ManInBrown, Dec 31, 2019.

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    The 2 weeks was "self imposed" to avoid paying a penalty payment.

    Supes are so on top of things.... like doing their job.
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    If only they did your timecard while you were on vacation like they do while you are there. That seems too logical though. I mean, why do something that 97% of other employers do such as pay your vacation like a regular paycheck...
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    I was just surprised that @ManInBrown started this thread.

    Who is waiting to see a vacation check hit UPS'ers ?
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    mine shows up on UPSers on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning at 2 AM. it gets deposited into my account on Wednesday night around 9PM. we have a Thursday payday in my local. i self police my hours and pay on a daily basis through UPSers. since UPS implemented there do more with less attitude, i do not trust lower level management to make adjustments/corrections when i work OT nor do i trust mid level management that my vacations picks were submitted properly months prior when i picked them. simple technology is available to all of you to do the same and i advise it strongly. hey sometimes its fun to point out a management screwup but never when it involves your pay.
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    I always stay on top of my vacation checks. Happened to be awake since we had off the following two days. So i checked UPSers.

    And to the poster who said just because it isnt on UPSers doesnt mean you wont get it on payday, how long have you worked here? Thats completely wrong. Never happened once.
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    I hear ya. Just don't understand how a company this big can have such a problem with payroll. The Federal government seems to be able to handle large amounts of payroll and vacations, Walmart seems to be able to do it, NYC seems to be able to pay their 350k employees correctly. IDK I guess I'm just not as smart as the beancounters who decided that we need to be paid 2 weeks in advance and then not have any salary AFTER we return from vacation. Oh well.

    @ManInBrown don't leave this thread hanging like so many others do! Inquiring minds have to know, did it come in on time or do we need to give someone an Indian sunburn?
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