What are my chances here.

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    I been in the Army for 6 years and getting out in march (unless I chose otherwise). I was a construction engineer. I operated cranes, BHL, Large Excavators, Tractor Trailers with tankers and flat beds. Then outside of the Army I have some college for engineering and I also have a CDL and plan on getting my commercial pilots LC when I get the money. My CDL is Class A (so no air brakes restriction), I have tanker on there, soon to have Double/Tripple and Hazmat. I have mostly. I have had this for 4 years (while military all 6) so I can help my friend haul grain.
    Right now I am driving for another company.
    I applied for a job as a temp package delivery driver but as far as I know they never filled it (job was poster until the 26th but I asked about it weeks before).
    I asked HR about it and I was told they was done hiring for the year maybe they mistaken it for a full time application. I have no objections about that.
    HR then told my to contact them in March or April and would definitely consider me for a position if one is open.

    There is 2 OTR spots open and if I did not have my GF coming from Russia I would apply there. Since I need to get a house and fix it up and her coming in june/july I cant be gone over night. She cant work of drive for 3 months after we get married (limit there is 3 months to get married) so up to 6 month. It would be very hard on her also if i stay in the Army it will be a real crap shot.
    That is why I applied for a Package Delivery Driver spot.
    I know two people who work at the hub one is PDD and the other is Feeder Driver home every day and they are due to retire in 3 years. They told me they usually get asked if they know anyone that is applying for the job.
    I love driving and I love moving around so sound like a good job for me not saying loaders is a bad job but got to make a living and support some one else.

    Thanks for reading, I did not expect anyone to read all that.
  2. TooTechie

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    I didn't actually see a question in that big long post so I'll make a statement based on what I read. The package driver job would have been a seasonal casual job ending now. When they said they could talk to you in the spring it would be about when we use temporary casual drivers for the summer.

    To land a permanent driver job you usually have to put in years part time first (unless you live in upstate NY).
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  3. Jackburton

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    All depends on the ratio to inside hires to outside hires. Here they can hire 1 outsider for every 6 they promote from within.
  4. Cyrex

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    I was just reading around and UPS is USGR and they have a special department made for hiring full time military employes. Telling a person who had spent a lot of time in the military and then saying sorry you can only have part time is a slap to the face also they would be braking contracts with the goverment.

    I talked to one of the people I know there and most of them don't want to move up to drivers. They either cant drive, have points on records, don't want CDL, have medical problems or just want to work part time only.

    Also my app says full time no mention of seasonal on it. Its still pending and HR said she would definitely consider me for the job when it opens up.
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    Rumor has it the Stockton, Oakland Calif area has been hurtin for Class A for awhile. Went all the way down to part-timers who cant pass their probation. Good luck
  6. TooTechie

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    They can have 20 special departments but as stated above they contractually have to hire inside employees in order of. Seniority on a sign up list. They can only break this once in a great while as drivers aren't hired that often--when they have someone the sups have seen work and they really want them. That exception ratio is usually 6 to 1, but varies by area and they wouldn't just blindly use that up on someone they haven't auditioned as a casual. P.S. Thanks for serving our country. Most of us are former military or appreciate our vets.

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  7. Cyrex

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    UPS and ESGR made the contract earlier this to hire 25,000 military personal at full time positions that would double currently working vets in UPS. I think that would change things around a little bit. The two I know said they hire form the out side all time in my area.

    Thank of it this way MN police department was tohire people who went to the academy and promote with in.
    What end up happening was vet's would ask for the job. The department had no more room before hand and took them over people went to the academy some even got promotions due faster(if they had MP experience) . They was under contract with ESGR and it has defiantly gone more this way when they was. There are other companies this has happened when they singed to ESGR. So far its only 6 months in on the 5 year contract.

    I am not saying I am above package handler and if they gave me full time at that job I would consider it but my current job pay $16 and its pretty easy but I rather work for UPS. Then working 10 years to make less when I could make more is not a smart move.
    Considering all my qualifications I could do better but I don't want to as I want to stay local.
    Crane operator jobs always moving around for weeks on end and locals only need 1 or 2 so they are there forever. Pilots well starting commercial pilots make minimum wage, trucking well more money in OTR but got a wife who will be like a large baby to take care of soon, then add the house renovations, and the Army.
  8. DriveInDriveOut

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    I'd go with the police department job you mentioned then. Many school districts also have accelerated pathways to employment for veterans if you're looking for a marginally safer job. The money isn't as good but if you're not willing to put in the time making crap wages at UPS it might be a better option for you.
  9. Cyrex

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    Well I would do that if I lived in MN but I live in Iowa. I am not going to get in to detail about why I wont and cant do this. There is way to many thing going on.

    I will say this from my experience with HR (we have several people in my unit that work as HR for target and such) they typical wont say some thing if you don't even have chance at the job. I did get a email that said I do have a pretty good chance.
  10. Cyrex

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    I looked at that Stockton was only looking for one OTR driver. My area (well with in 40 miles) is looking for 2 of them but different locations.
    If I did not buy a house I would move out of this area. If I did not have a extremely dependent GF who is coming form Russia I would take the OTR jobs possibly. She cant drive, cant work, has no money, we will be living in a small town 30 min away from food or gas. That would be any time from 4-6 months like this.
  11. DriveInDriveOut

    DriveInDriveOut This Is The Last Stop

    Good to see our immigration policy is working.....
  12. Cyrex

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    I wish there was a fence to jump once in while. Its been over 2 years since I seen her in person when I was there last.
    The one think I hate about this is we have 3 months to get married then after that has to wait 3 more month for before she can get her work papers. If I did not have this job we both be dead broke. She only makes less then $100 a month most of the time. The next visa fee is $1300 but cant pay it until we are married. I wish I could have that done before she gets here so instead of waiting 3 months after married she could work right away to make up for all the visa fee, flight cost, train cost, mortgage, food, all the stuff. Lets not forget clothing.

    Then even after she is married she is not allowed to leave the country for a while and that prevents me from going anyplace I want to go or being able to see he son.
  13. Cyrex

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    oooo yea before you she can come here you also have to be making over I think around $15,000 a year and must prove you would be able to make this amount for so many years.
  14. ZQXC

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    I hope you have taken enough time to really evaluate your situation with respect to this relationship.
  15. Cyrex

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    I talk and see my GF everyday on skype and even when I am doing Army stuff I always find a away. She get her visa appointment in 29 days if she get it she will be here in July. I would make it sooner but I need to make repairs to the house before its livable. 5k for the house and do my own work and save a bunch of money.
    As for money I been saving the last 2 years. She has been saving as much as she could but if you are only making $100 a month you go broke pretty quick but she has payed for all she can. Since I live well below my means for now so I am good.
    Current job I just got hired for doing pick and delivery of trailers just around Iowa home every night pays $16 a hours starting.
    I really would like to work for UPS and HR knows it but I would not take anything less then $10 a hour for less then 8 hour and have the qualifications and want to use them.
    If handlers did that I would be fine with doing it and working my way up. However, they don't and if you do the math 10 year later I would have made a lot more and probable would never catch up after promoted.
    I just saw a listing on CHS doing delivery of fuel around hubs has all the same benefits as UPS but did not say anything about pay.
    However, I am a hyper person, love all types of weather, love driving, and love moving around a lot that why I would like PDD job.
    Going to miss the Army.

    I could always use more money I don't like being in debt so I want the house payed off ASAP. Then you never now when you are going to need it. I could lose the job and then not get one for a while, so I saved some.
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    Is she one of those hot Russian mail order brides??
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    Mail order? Does UPS deliver those?
  18. Brownslave688

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    Depends. Some are a little overweight and have to be delivered freight.
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    Your post really confuse me and the way you talk you act like you know more what's going on with ups then us

    So my question to clear things up a little are you talking about ups or ups fright , because they are two different things
  20. AndUPSER

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    25,000 FULL TIME positions?