what are the grades??

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    Just cutting some of the shaddows i'm dealing with .

    What is a starting pt sup grade?? (13 maybe?)

    16 to 20 grade?? (info needed)

    only ask this because 20's catch a lot of bull ****uz here.( maybe well deserved)

    Tanks to tieguy for below(repost):

    11 to 14 is F/t supervisor grade. could be a little fuzzy on some of these but here is what I believe they are:

    11 generally a starting grade. No experience no one reporting to you.
    12 a staff grade with no one reporting to them
    13 operations grade supervisor with hourly employees reporting to you.
    14 operations with other management ( p/t sups) reporting to them.
    15 Lead supervisor with other f/t sups reporting to them. ( a center manager, my idea not tie)

    no one ever was hurt form to much information ,but plenty have died from to little . my 2 cents.

    also a funny line i thouht of : I'M here to kick @$$ and take names, Damn my pencil just broke .
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    Full time supervisors (ops and non - ops) start between grade 12 - 14,

    12 usually (in all staff and hub positions because they usually manage part time people) and 13 - 14 in feeders or package (they manage full time employees)

    no grade 15, next grade is 16 (all managers)

    18 (division managers); all moot points since the ALL pay grades are getting ready to change
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    Close, but not 100%.

    Sups are 11 - 14, but very few supvs start at 11, kind of rare. Staff supvs usually do start lower, but can get to grade 14's.

    For Mgr's the grades are 15-17. In most districts only 16's are used for ctr mgrs, hub mgrs, etc. However in region and corp, Mahwah etc, they utilize the grades 15 and 17 too. Main difference is different pay scales, similar how supvs 11-14 are different.

    Div Mgrs are 18, 19. Most districts again show them as 18's. But there are some in the higher areas that are 19. But corp esp uses the 19's again just a diff pay range.

    20 are Region staff level mgrs (Region IE MGr, Region HR Mgr, Region Dir of Sales etc), this is where MIP kick's in.

    I'm assuming there's 21's but unsure. .

    22 -24 are district level mgrs.

    26 is region mgr.
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    How ever you guys may feel about management on here it`s pretty rude to talk about their I.Q.s out in the open like this.
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    All the info is very interesting . thank you all.

    this sheds some light on lots of friends and others who are fighting for me and aginst.

    more to come soon ...
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    I dunno. I only got eddycated to 12th grade.