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    Ok, so… I have put in two Peaks with UPS and was given a verbal contract at the end of the second Peak to the effect of that if there was ever any opening at any UPS center I would be #1 on their rehire list and was also given a description of the job (load/unload) and asked if I was able to handle it, I said yes. So when something did finally open up (first opening in two years) I went in for an interview and it went very well - or so I thought.

    However, the hiring manager either messed up or deliberately falsified my interview information, saying that I had told him I was a student and that I only wanted FT – neither of which are true statements and he had also told somebody else that he “didn’t want to take the risk” but that he would “keep [me] on file just in case”, all because he screwed up (and it is absolutely illegal for any employer to discriminate a potential employee if they are in school or not - WHICH I AM NOT).

    He then told me, in a bold-faced lie, that there actually wasn’t any openings at all (which there obviously was, based on the "current openings" on the application and by what he had said to this other guy) and that I can keep trying, and also how he disrespected this other guy telling me what he had said.

    So what should I or could I do? A verbal contract is still a contract, legally. And they also state that all Peak hires get precedence over others who have never worked for them a day in their lives (also a verbally binding contract) and I know I was one of very few who had more than 1 Peak under their belts, meaning I have more company seniority (basically).

    Can I try to get the Union to do something about this (as they did pocket my $19 monthly for those two Peaks), or should I just bend over and take it and try to get back in Seasonally again this Peak and see if this guy hires me again? And if he doesn’t, should I then consider legal action on the basis of discrimination?

    Are there any other options at all? Any way I could take this higher than this manager, who obviously has a personal, and completely unfounded and unprovoked vendetta against me?

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    I'm sure threatening legal action on a message board against a company that your not an employee of, Will help you get hired.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    "How Not to Get Hired at UPS"

    by Magnus
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    Someone in management lying to someone's face? Falsifying information? Now that can't be possible! Sarcasm DEFINITELY intended! LOL! That is sad. I mean we've all had management lie to our faces and we've all been victims of them falsifying information (whether known or not) but you just got it without even being on the payroll. LOL! Sorry man. Maybe that is a sign that you should go somewhere else. But if you really want to work at UPS again just keep on applying. A smart HR Rep will notice the persistence and hire you. That's what happened to me years ago. I had to apply three times.
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    I've never heard of a verbal contract. I always assumed that contracts were made up and held to in writing. Silly me. :surprised:
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    It wasn't a threat, and it is justified if I'm forced to have to take it that far. If they're not going to hire me because of bias and/or unfounded illegal discrimination, what the hell do I have to lose? This guy clearly has no business working in HR if this is the kind of crap he's pulling.

    Gee, that's helpful thanks... no, really.

    So basically, I'm screwed... this one guy handles all of the centers within a 40 mile radius. Great.

    A contract, whether spoken or written, is still a (legally) binding contract. Doesn't matter which one, if they weren't prepared to honor it and the agreement THEY proposed, then they should not have said anything in the first place.

    Guess I'm on my own with this one... thanks anyway.
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    No, verbal contracts are just as legally binding as written contacts. However, they are not worth the paper they are witten on. Oh yeah, it was never written down. Good luck proving you had a verbal contract. I'm not trying to poke fun, but I've seen it too many times with UPS.

    Ever notice they want everything in writting from you? Its because they want to document every possible move you could make and cover their own ass in every angle you can possibly think of. To defend yourself, think like them. Get everything in writing.

    I'm obviously not a lawyer but its my understanding that verbal contracts are just as enforcable as written pacts. Problem is they are harder to prove. My two cents, at least.

  8. Magnus

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    Yeah I know, only the guy who gave me this preliminary job offer via verbal contract is also the guy going to bat for me, so I'd have no problem proving it whatsoever.

    And as for an update on this whole mess, I've just noticed that another center (an Air Hub) is listing "CURRENT OPENINGS", the very same day this other guy told me that they don't have ANYTHING and that they aren't "allowed" to hire right now. And, best of all, I have it in writing this time. Only problem, they did not lock down my other application (as they are SUPPOSED TO do after the interview) so I can't apply for it!!! What are the odds of both of these things happening, to bar me from being employed? Come on, it's blatant now!
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    A verbal contract? With someone the company will say had no authority to offer even if it was in writing. Plus you`re going to take on a multi-billion dollar company in court? If your pockets are that deep then you don`t need the job in the first place.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I have heard this on People's Court many, many times--the only two things you get from a verbal contract are a plaintiff and a defendant.
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    If you want to get a PT job with UPS go to www.upsjobs.com and look for openings in your area then apply. Don't think becasue they hired you for peak that you have a in with a SUP to get a pt job becasue you don't.

    I also like how you know why they didn't hire you. Companies including UPS don't tell applicants why they didn't get hired becasue they open themselves up the lawsuits. If there was an opening you weren't the only one to get interviewed they could have choosen someone else or staffing could have changed and they decided not to fill a PT position right now.
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    verbal contract,hah
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    Verbal Contracts are binding..........
  14. 22.34life

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    ups wipes their but with written contracts,just look what they do to our contract. ups would wipe their buts with a verbal contract if it were on paper,which it isnt.
  15. They've got a live one here.

    You are actually thinking about getting bent over for a 3rd peak season???

    Criminy, they saw you coming from a few miles out.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    Judging by your post I can see why they don't want you. Take a hike son, Mcdonald's pays more and you'll fit right in..... When I was in college I tried to buy a car and use a verbal contract, the dealership called the police..
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    A verbal contract must include, "I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die.". If it didn't, you're SOL.
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    After a few calls to HR weren't returned I would have gotten the hint...
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    ....but...but...I had a verbal contract...
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    My question is, why would anyone want to work for a company that clearly doesn't have enough integrity to honor a verbal contract?
    If you have to fight this hard to get a job, then you are in for one long battle once you get the job.