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    I am a new load hire in the afternoon. I have been working her about a week. From my expirence it is the ****tist company I have ever worked at. I go into day like I was told. Get there after driving 15 minutes and told they don't need me tonight. They have all seven people and me being the eight man I am let to go home. Why the heck would ypu hire some one and not need them? Isn't there a law?? I was told 3 1/2 hours I haven't work that many since I have been there. I am so freakin mad! Why not call me and tell me they don't need me? I guess since I am new they can through :censored2: in my face and I can't do anything about it. How can you do this to people after they expect a certain amount paycheck because they were promised it before being hired????? Is this normal when you are a new hire?? Wasting my time.[MAD][/MAD]
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    Because UPS is famous for busting BALL$.......
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    Get used to being treated this way if you plan to stay. If you're smart, read the posts on this site, you should be able to form a pretty good idea of what this company is like to work for.
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    1st week and you are upset,maybe you should seek employment elsewhere,by the way,your language is not appreciated here,if you wish some concrete answers here ask but dont be an idiot:confused:1
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    So you are saying you wouldn't care if you drove to work and they said go home we don't need you and you are not getting what you were promised before you were hired? You my friend are a sucker!
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    go to mcdonalds and work,they need idiots like you:thumbup1:
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    I am close to getting my degree, so when ups fires you, I will stop by micky dee's and see you, idiot!
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    Im retired and happy as hell,you could use a course in anger management but i quess your too smart for that:ohmy:
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    If you don't need benefits, go elsewhere. This job is not worth $8-9/hr. BTW-they :censored2: on everyone, not just new hires.
  10. Now, now you guys...play nice. What did Cheryl say about personal attacks?

    Everyone is frustrated after the first week, hell I'm still frustrated by UPS' brilliant ideas and "trends". Most make little to no sense, but its fun to watch them blow up in their face ::cough:: cutting start times ::cough::

    Hiatt, I know its tough and its a low blow to have you come in and then just be sent home, but if you want to get in there (know you were hired, but thats not what i mean) you've got to stick it out. You'll get your chance, however if you can't wait I'd start looking around. I'm not trying to be a jerk, I know you need the compensation immediately and if can't get it where you are, go to where you can.

    I was "fortunate" to get on the preload shift. It may not be the best shift, but they're always looking for help it seems.

    Like disney said, if you don't need the bennies , this job isn't really worth it, unless you plan on going FT driver, but I wish you the best of luck:thumbup1:
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    did your supervisor ask everyone above you on the seniority list if they wanted to go home, which would mean you could stay and someone else could go home? This would be a win-win situation but, unfortunately, most supervisors won't exert themselves by asking who wants to go home and who wants to stay.
    Next time they do this simply ask your supe if he has asked everyone else to see if any of them want to go home. My guess is someone above you will take the offer.
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    Thanks for the replies, well the last two were constructive.
  13. scratch

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    In a fairness, our volume sometimes goes up or down, meaning that sometimes we don't need to be fully staffed. UPS will not pay people to come in if there isn't the work there. This isn't the answer you want, because you applied for the job and are disappointed that you are sent home. But with Easter around the corner, I guarantee you that our volume will go up, there should be enough work for you soon. I'm a residential driver, and it will get busy next week. Hang in there.
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    Geez, your're one of the moderaters here and you gotta use language like this?
  15. raceanoncr

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    Same thing...why do we have to call names?
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    Yeah, I guess I'm I'm too smart for "your" too!" Cummon...lightin up!
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    That really sucks Hiatt, didnt they tell you to call in? That is usualy the way its done, you call in an hour before, and tell you if you are needed or not. Not knowing day to day if you are going to work, and having to call in is bad enough, but to drive there and be told to go home, not right. Good luck in whatever you decide to do, that would definetely steer me away.
  18. DS

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    why dont you call them?
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    Your going to deal with this stuff all the time. This company sucks when it comes to dealing with people's feelings. I've been here long enough to know. But pay and benifits are great. Stick it out. I had the same problem. Just dont bit** about it to the sups, then you will never work. Just remember your just a number!:lol: I like this smilie!
  20. helenofcalifornia

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    Hang in. Call in an hour before and see if you can get an answer. Volume will pick up and you will be working everyday. :lol: (It is a nice smilie!)