What did I do wrong?

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    3 weeks ago, delivering air and plane was late. We were informed to sheet lates as "X- Other" as reason for being late. I had a total of 6 lates that day and sheeted them as instructed.

    At 12:30pm, I made a residential delivery. It must have been pretty important because a very pleasant lady was waiting for me. She asked me what time her package was supposed to be delivered by she asks, 12:00pm I replied. What time is it now she asked, 12:30 I replied. What happened she asked and I gave the explanation given me (plane took off, winshield cracked, plane had to turn around)

    I then informed her as we failed, her delivery is free and informed her to have the sender make a claim. She thanked me and off I went.

    Yesterday I arrived and got the wrath of god. Supv. was so unreasonable I had to break out my Weingarten card and proceeded to repeat myself 3 times. Supv. wanted to know if in fact I did tell the customer the reason her package was late and if I told to her to make a claim.

    Can anyone tell me what I did wrong?
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    You talk too much ! (no need to say more)
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    You did nothing wrong. File an Article 37. If you had to break out the Weingarten card, it's time to file.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The moment she began to ask you the first question you should have given her the phone number to the center and left it at that.
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    IMHO I think you did the right thing. A service provider should be able to tell a customer why an air is late. If there is weather, in any area of the country, yes its a given, weather somewhere affected our plane. But when its a bright sunshiny day all over the country, we should be told, other than to sheet other, why.
    So it seems we are not providing service when we cannot give a reason. If its not weather, we pay, correct? A plane with a problem should not be on the customers back, it should be on ours.
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    I have no problem telling the customer why you were told it was late. (Lets be real, we never know the truth). I wouldn't have told her that she was to get a refund.

    "I then informed her as we failed, her delivery is free and informed her to have the sender make a claim."

    If you have worked at UPS any amount of time you should know there is almost always a way out for UPS in the fine print. You could have told he it may be possible, as you don't know for certain as you don't do billing. Its just like using EC is an easy way out for UPS I'm sure there are other "way outs" containing these types of situations.
  7. UpstateNYUPSer

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    This was my first thought--the center manager may have told the drivers what really happened but UPS may have used a different reason for the delay so as not to pay any refunds.
  8. Jackburton

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    And that is why so many drivers are saying that this company is losing customers left and right. I mean, who wants to pay for a service and not receive what they pay for. If I was a customer, I'd speak with my wallet.
  9. Jackburton

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    You didn't get a sales lead, volume is down.
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    You did the right thing. I would have done the same.

    As far as I'm concerned (based on what you wrote), you were honest and represented the company well.
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    The problem is that the lady didn't call the sender she called UPS and she knew more about her package being late than the person that took the phone call. Manager and SUP's don't like to know less about a situation than the customer calling. You gave her to much info probably a lot more than you told us you did. You probably gave her the building phone number also.

    Next time a customer gives you and attitude about something say sorry if you can't solve the problem yourself then give them a DR slip and tell them they can call the number on the back they can help you. They don't need to know why there package was late it's late and knowing why it was late isn't going to change anything.

    Loose lips sink ships.
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    You told the TRUTH! That's what you did wrong! Geez, you'll NEVER get anywhere in this company doing THAT! Now, knock it off!
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    Sup. lost cool, no discipline right?
  15. Benben

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    IMO...My Opinion only! Why go into detail?!?!

    "I am sorry, I got here as soon as I could. The plane was late today." Hand her the package, del..met customer woman, "x" and back to the truck.

    If I gave out my center's direct number I would be walking quite funny the next day, what with my center manager's boot stuck up my arse! If she wants to talk to anyone, 1-800-pick-ups!
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    So we must get sales leads, (customer service) ; help with packaging (customer service); help with level of service decisions, pricing, (all customer service related); give help when we can even tho never taught with worldship, and other ups computer related problems, to help get their packages into our system, but yet when we fail, we should tell them to call 1-800?
    What a way to run a railroad.
  17. dilligaf

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    You did the right thing. Talk to your steward. File a grievance.
  18. UnsurePost

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    Ummm if the customer has questions, answer them. However if they want a direct number to call instead of talking to the service representative they have in front of them ( you, the driver) , do not give a private center number and politely give them the 1-800pickups and zero for the operator.
  19. Integrity

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    It seems to be you are a service provider who works with Integrity and not against him.

    I do appreciate this exercise of your character, I commend you for this.

    Your supervisor is permitted to question your decisions however it must be with dignity and respect at all times.

    What exactly did your supervisor say to you that upset you so?

    Many supervisors are working against Integrity and not with him.

    Keep up the good work but be careful.

  20. packageguy

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    You were honest, good job.