What Do You Eat And Drink All Day/Night To Keep Your Energy Up Feeder Drivers?

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    Am looking for coffee alternative to make it thru the graveyard shift in feeders.

    Right now I can only make it with a thermos-full of coffee. I eat lightly. Only fruit.

    But very tired by end of night and running on fumes on friday.
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    Well I don't work feeders but you almost def need to eat more. Food is your fuel for energy. I've taken 5 hour energy a couple times worked well for me. Also the more caffeine u drink the more dependent u will become on it if u give up caffine in 3-4 weeks you should actually have more energy.
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    ENGERY ???....I'm uncertain of that word....need to more research...I'll get back to you
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    Agree with food. It'll keep you awake. Just remember those jumping jacks every break, that'll help wake you up as well.

    ALSO, if you're in danger of falling asleep at the wheel - PULL OVER AND TAKE A QUICK NAP. 10 minutes can do wonders, and we'd really rather have a ten minute late load than one that doesn't get there at all. (The big boss told me that when I first started Feeders, and I've done it many times)
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    40 mins does even better. :-)
  6. cosmictrucker

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    Sacrifice to personal lifestyle, and get proper rest. Nothing works better in the long run.
  7. I've been in feeders for around 10 years....about half that starting at 21:45 and ending watching the sun come up. OK. I've felt strung out,crappy for about 10 years. My natural "awake" times are about 6:30 to about 21:30. Period. On weekends, I go right back to a normal day schedule and then start the whole, awful process over. My blood pressure is through the roof all week. I've been off a couple days and it is quite normal. I do not drink coffee, 5 hour energy, pepsi by the gallon or take pills. This I see by alot of feeder drivers. I think they would have a coffee I.V. if they could. I know feeder drivers that take pills to go to sleep and wake up....all prescribed. Some look strung out, some look quite perky and happy. Personally, I've tried to eat sunflower seeds but just too salty. I've tried the carrot and celery routine but my hands get so dirty, it's kinda gross. So, I usually eat when I get home(7:00) and wake up 2-3 times during my 10 hrs "rest" and might or not eat lunch and usually eat some kind of dinner(breakfast really) and go to work. And do the whole crap routine over and over and feel like crap. And yes, I HATE IT. I ALWAYS nap during my meal period. ALWAYS. I try not to eat while driving. See above. On the gross side, this allows me to have a predictable potty schedule that keeps me from having to use shamefully unsanitary UPS restrooms.
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    Was with company for 32, about 30 of those years in feeders, almost all nights, almost always by choice, with about 5 years of sleeper thrown in, which will REALLY throw you into a physical spin.

    Will just relate what worked for me and me only. You'll get all kinds of sure-fire hits, some misses, some rebukes on here but just remember, everybody's different. What works for Joe Schmooo may not work for you.

    Started in the early days getting off work and opening the bars. Yeah, we'd get stupid at least once or more a week. By the time I got home, it was barely enough time for 8 hours sleep. Now, don't preach to me how wrong that was and how ignorant that was, I see that now and realized that a long time ago and quit. But what it DID for me and, again, ME ONLY, was realized that I did better staying up after work as long as I could and getting worn out and sleeping right up until time to get up/shower/drive to building/punch in and start. Oh, sure, most of the time I had headache and couldn't eat ANYTHING for fear of throwing up but maybe that kept me awake fairly fit as far as weight is concerned.

    Once I quit that lifestyle (again, many yrs ago so don't chastise me), I would get off work, go shopping, go the the speed shops, come home and work on cars, watch stuff I had taped, anything that would keep me awake til just long enuff to get about 8 hrs sleep. Would eat right away after I punched out and nothing again til bed. No special diet, just anything. Would have one coffee during run, at the start, and no more. Water the rest of the night, and again, not so much that would make me get up every 2 hours during my sleep. No eats during run, either. Would rather drive hungry than eat some wrong thing to make me sleepy.

    Sleeper, same thing. One coffee, eat at first of drive stint, water the rest of drive, switch, get into sleeper, watch movies or other stuff til just enuff time for 8 hours sleep.

    Many drivers here go to bed right away, get up 3/4/5 hours before run and are exhausted half-way thru. Hmmmm...I wonder why? Could be you're maybe up half a day even BEFORE you start? They go out to eat, cut the grass, wash the car, whatever before they start work. I can't do that. Gotta do it after.

    Kept physical condition almost the same during my career. The last few years it kinda fell apart, tho, cuz of some surgical issues. Retired now and still trying to get conditon back, but at least am alive and enjoying being gone and not sorry for all the nights.

  9. Old International

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    I work just over 8 hours, so when I come home, I take a 3 hour nap. Get up and do whatever chores need to be done, and then back into bed for another 3-4 nap. During my shift, I eat fresh fruit(plums, apples, banansa, oranges. Some times I will take a sandwich along also. drink plenty of water. During my meal period, I sleep in the on cars office( I turn around at a small center). Then, another 10 minute nap during my last leg. Finally- If I get tired, I will stop and take a 10 minute nap.
    The best thing is to find a routine, and stick with it.
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    I start at 20:45 m-f. First off, Monday nights suck. Coming off of sleeping like the rest of the family Saturday & Sunday nights, it makes it tough. Take a nap on Monday afternoon, or at least, try to. Get a couple of pillows, lay one between the seats of the tractor, use the other one for your head, and lay down and close your eyes while on meal. If the Ivis is in the way, have your mechanic move it up and out of the way. This can be done by using 1/2" x 6" threaded pipe. Get one of those fans that clip on you sun visor, and plug into the cigarette lighter. Have it oscillate so it moves the air around. Eat light before work and during. I do stop at DD every night before starting to get my coffee. The rest of the night is water or Gatorade. I bring a sandwich, fruit, (right now it's cherry's), yogurt, and a granola bar. Eat protein whenever you can. Hard boiled eggs are good, or peanuts. Stay away from carbohydrates, they will make you tired. I don't know your run, but whenever you can, run home with someone. It really helps me. Also, use your phone, get a headset and CALL SOMEBODY! Chances are, they would welcome the call. These are just a few ideas but you get the point. Last but not least, pull over if you have to, and lay down for 10 or 15min. Better to get there late, than not at all.
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    Feeders sounds like its worse than package car.
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    routine is the best thing but it gets screwed up on weekends and vacations. you have to start all over again. i sleep 6=7 nhrs a day and wonder why i am so tired all the time. i do take naps at night right before daybreak.

    when i worked days it was great. took o nice brisk hr walk at that energized. now have to sleep on meal/break.

    protien sounds like a good idea. more water too.... but that means more pit stops an i have been pulled into office for those.

    my run is 4.5 hrs each way. getting to the TA point is usually easy. it's about an hr coming back that is hard and have to load up on coffee.

    thanks, all , for advice and ideas.
  13. Covemastah

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    Not kidding about Mondays being the killer !! Your body goes back to normal mode on Sat & Sun nite, but alot of us do a 24 hr gig on Saturdays to do things with family or friends..Then Sun you feel like crap till noon.Monday comes and up by 10 (if your lucky) then if you don't get back to sleep,your up another 24 hr day !! coffee keeps me going,but I know its kicking the crap outah me also !!
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    No caffeine for me, gave it up years ago. I drink lots of water and like the other guys said eat light. Protein shakes, almonds, apples, etc. I stay on the cover board so I may be on nights, afternoons, or mornings on any given week. No matter what my schedule whenever I wake up I head straight to the gym. I know it seems that working out would make you tired, but it does just the opposite. It will increase your energy levels.

    You may want to look into some vitamin supplements also. l take a handful of those everyday too. Listen to your body and don't be freaked out if you sleep less some days than others. Putting that "need to sleep" pressure on yourself will make it worse. I try and keep a positive mental outlook too. It is easy to get sucked into all the negativity that goes on in the feeder dept. Everyone complaining about the company, schedules, sleep, equipment,driver vs. driver feuds etc, etc. Engaging in all that will wear you out. Distance yourself from it if you find yourself in the middle of it.

    Trouble Maker had a good point, call someone. It makes the time go by faster and can keep you focused. Crank up the satellite radio and rock on down the highway. And look around at all the freaks that are out in the middle of the night, that will make you laugh. Just realize you will have some days that are better than others. It's not package car, but it is still UPS. I hope it gets better for you.
  15. Jackburton

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    I hear Nutra Grain bars work great

    [video=youtube;JC2gIPnUCgw]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JC2gIPnUCgw&feature=youtube_gdata_player [/video]
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    was that a real commercial???
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    Yes it was. I can't recall exactly win, but I do remember seeing it on tv. Probably one of the strangest commercials ever made.

    With that being said, the issues a lot of you are describing starting late are exactly the reason I avoid those start times like the plague. I started with this company on the twilight shift so I was always comfortable with a 1600-1800 start time. When I was on call in feeders I absolutely hated the 2000 or later start times because of exactly the problems all of you described. It was difficult to stay up when at work, and just as difficult to sleep when at home. When I was finally able to pick a bid job I was able to land a 1645 start shift job, and have kept my start time plus or minus one hour ever since. It just works for me, and when I get tired I get a little caffeine to keep myself going, but this isn't a big problem for me unless I just returned from vacation. Staying up 24 hours just doesn't work for me as I don't like feeling like a zombie on my Saturdays so I can usually get off around 0330-0400 and get to bed before the sun comes up and I can get about 7-8 hours of solid sleep in. In the end you have to find what works best for you and stick with it. I've talked with drivers who have lots of seniority but still prefer the late start times, and others who have slowly migrated to the earlier ones as their seniority rose. I personally see myself taking the latter road, and you have to find that schedule that works best for your lifestyle.
  18. Gee, that all sounds great. I don't know what company you work for but here at UPS, not much of a choice. You take what's left or quit. I might have a choice of one or two runs and I've been in feeders 10 years! There are dozens and dozens in a very large hub who will NEVER even make seniority. So, we do what we HAVE to do. Not anything close to "what works best". By the way.....that "slow migration" can last for decades.........
  19. trickpony1

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    Be patient.
    We've had two FDR drivers retire with more to retire before the end of this contract.
    There's a smaller hub that I hear will lose four FDR drivers.
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    I guess for all time the you have in you haven't recognized that every building is different. If you worked here, the last 1 or two jobs are usually shift jobs that start in the evening(1630-1830). In the past the last job available has been a 1200ish start time shift job that worked Tuesday-Saturday. If you work for a smaller building that doesn't have much or any shifting and fewer road runs then I can see you getting stuck on a late start job, but that isn't the case everywhere. And yes, I am aware that it can take decades to move up the food chain around here, hence the reason I used the word "slow".